Albert Hammond Jr. Interview Exclusive Francis Trouble
Cr: Autumn DeWilde
Exclusive: Albert Hammond Jr. about “Francis Trouble” and Upcoming Show in Indonesia

If you have been following the musical journey of The Strokes, then Albert Hammond Jr.’s name might ring a bell. Making his own way as a soloist from 2006, Albert Hammond Jr. has crafted a unique sound of his own and recently the musician has released his latest piece called “Francis Trouble”. Depicted as an album with a deeply personal topic, Hammond Jr. isn’t shy of letting the world know about his family, especially his stillborn twin that inspired him to create this album. Learning the fact about his stillborn brother affected the 36-year-old musician throughout the making of his fourth full length studio album. He discovered an impactful fact that a part of Francis – his twin brother’s name, which is a fingernail had remained alongside him as he continued to grow inside her mother’s womb. We talked to Albert Hamond Jr. to explore more about “Francis Trouble” as well as his plan to promote this album with more live shows including a future appearance in Indonesia.

The Display (TDP) : Could you tell us more about ‘Francis Trouble’? What should we expect from it? A more personal or emotional approach to your music?
Albert Hammond Jr. (A) :Francis Trouble’ is everything I wanted to be. You can expect a visceral, energetic, melodic and layered record.

TDP: The release is like the news have said, is about your stillborn late brother, you never met him, but you claimed to have some sort of identity connection with him, can you describe what kind of connection is it?
A : The idea of an alter ego was a slow process, but finding out about my twin helped cement that it was something I was meant to do. The process helped connect to myself more.

TDP: Which track you could relate to the most in this album?
A : “Harder, Harder, Harder”.

TDP: How would you describe about this album in brief?
A : Visceral and addictive.

TDP: Will we see another music video from singles on “Francis Trouble”? What kind of vision or inspiration that you had lately for the visual in this album? (Albert Hammond Jr. has released music videos for “Muted Beatings” and “Set To Attack”)
A : I want live videos of my show. I think that’s what going to attract people. I have a really great show.

TDP: Will you go on tour for this album’s promotion or perhaps had intended to visit Indonesia in the future?
A : I’m so excited to be playing Indonesia. I’ve never been and playing a show is the best way to visit.

TDP: Last question, do you have any messages for your fans in Indonesia who have been dying to see you perform here?
A: I will see you very very soon. I can’t wait!!

Albert Hammond Jr. Interview ExclusiveAlbert Hammond Jr. was just announced as one of the line-up for the three day affair of We The Fest 2018, an annual music festival organized by Ismaya LIVE. Held from 20 – 22 July 2018, Hammond Jr’s participation in this music festival  completed the second phase’s line-up that included Majid Jordan and Nick Murphy (f.k.a Chet Faker) among many other performers. He is set to take the stage in Jakarta on 21 July 2018. His album “Francis Trouble” is out on digital platforms like Apple Music, Spotify or iTunes containing 10 tracks released under Red Bull Records. Catch him on tour as well and for more tour updates, head here.