Mocca Teman Sejati Single“LIMA” by Mocca is Repressed on Cassette Tapes for RSD 2018

There are many ways to celebrate Record Store Day and if you ‘re a musician like Mocca, you’d probably want to release your album in physical format. The pop band that have recently put out an ablum called “LIMA” has announced a new release for this album in the form of cassette tapes. Released in conjunction with Record Store Day 2018, the cassette was produced and distributed by Lucky Me Music, Mocca’s own record label. Riko (guitar), Arina Ephipania (vocal), Ahmad ‘Toma’ Pratama (bass), and Indra Massad (drum)  have released “Lima” album on digital platform previously. As of March 9th 2018, you can already stream this album on Apple Music, JOOX or Spotify. While the CD have been distributed with the help of Demajors. The songs in this album are all in Indonesian and it was produced by an architecture of atmosphere, Mondo Gascaro. Another special collaboration you can find on this album is the participation from Gardika Gigih, a pianist from Yogyakarta.

Mocca LIMA Cassette Tapes on RSD 2018Other than the special release of “LIMA”, Lucky Me Music also released “I Remember” in cassette tapes with an exclusive b-side track. The song was recorded with Achi Hardjakusumah on string section that adds more special touch to the already famous song. Through the same record label, you would also be able to purchase the singel “Batas Mimpi” by Mustache and Beard featuring Malaysian soloist, Noh Salleh. It was also repressed on cassette tapes format. The tapes will be out in limited numbers with the first 50 buyers of “LIMA” cassettes would be able to get special patches and pencils from Mocca. For those who could not come on Record Store Day 2018 in your cities, no worries, because Lucky Me Music have set up an online record store at tokomocca.comHappy shopping and let these special releases make your RSD celebration brighter!Mocca LIMA Cassette Tapes on RSD 2018