Bonita & Adoy Tour for Festival Musik Rumah 2018Bonita & Adoy Have Kicked Off Tour Prior to “Festival Musik Rumah 2018”

Two soloists, Petrus Briyanto Adi who is friendly addressed as Adoy and his equally talented wife, Bonita have kicked off their tour across Java before their “Festival Musik Rumah 2018” begins. Accompanied by Andie Jonathan Palempung, the couple will provide their musical talent in a humble home environment at Jepara, Semarang, Salatiga, Yogyakarta, Solo, Ngawi, Surabaya, and Malang starting from 13 April 2018 until 5 May 2018. If you wonder what Festival Musik Rumah is all about, Adoy as the initiator explained that home has become a special platform for any musicians to hold a concert at. The medium provides an intimate and strong bond between one another and acts as a destination for one’s to finally feel settled. “This experience is what we want to share with tens of homes between regions or even between countries, the homes of this nation’s kids, celebrating diversity in unity, as well as celebrating our country’s 73rd year of independence,” said Adoy about this festival’s concept.

The humble yet friendly initiative has received positive feedbacks from various musicians and hosts that encourage the organizer to hold this festival. The tour itself acts as an introduction as well as promotion before the festival commences on 17 – 19 August 2018. “Many left us messages, asking what kind of requirements they should prepare for the home concert, how to participate, how to hold concert at home, and this tour is how we answer those questions. We will produce a video about it as well so you will get the concrete idea on how the home concert is going to be like,” added Adoy. On their visit to Ngawi on 28 April 2017, it will be in conjunction with Kebo Ketan Traditional Ceremony at Sekaralas Village. Festival Musik Rumah is said to be a non-profit event that encourages as many as possible musicians, hosts, or music enthusiasts to support the tour. The organizer will welcome a donation through an online crowd funding service For more information regarding this festival, head to Festival Musik Rumah’s official Facebook page.