Numero 9 John van der Mijl SingleParty It Up with John Van Der Mijl’s Single “Numero 9”

Who said Monday should be tense and stressful? Have a relaxing start for the week with John van Der Mijl‘s latest release called “Numero 9” on digital platforms. Growing up listening to UK’s underground sound, that goes along the lines of 90′s trip hop, shoegaze, and IDM, John van der Mijl became interested in jungle, ambient and UK’s garage music. It is apparent on his latest single “Numero 9” which incorporates heavy soul-funk beats with jungle vibes that gets you in the mood for dance as well as relaxing at the same time. Through Papaya Records, the electronic dance music producer aims to reveal his forthcoming debut album titled “Turismo Avenue”, so this single acts as the first taste of off it. It is considered a potential representative that characterize most, but not all, tracks in the album because of its tendency to invite the listener into a complex and festive percussion universe. Man, this song makes us want to sip our favorite pineapple cocktail while snatching wigs right and left. In addition to this, John van der Mijl presented a fitting artwork that portrays a dance session with his multi-cultural family that send us back to the 80’s – 90’s era.

He is also no stranger to the Jakarta’s underground EDM scene as he has previously participated on collectives such as Java Bass and Trash Tapes. He also has produced tracks for various labels like Rokum Deep (“Inside The Night”), Demajors/Papaya Records on “Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah” compilation album, Double Deer Records on two tracks titled “Alternate Universe” and “Jupiter NOAA-19” and many more. With this wild track as an introduction for upcoming album, we have high hopes for John. Meanwhile, sit back, turn this “Numero 9” on and pretend you’re somewhere having a vacation on an exotic island, instead of getting stuck in front of your computer or laptops!