Two Lights Relumino MovieTwo Lights: Relumino, A Korean Short Movie That Introduces Samsung’s Latest Tech

JAKARTA (03/28) – South Korea’s technology giant, SAMSUNG, have just introduced their latest innovation in technology with an innovation called Relumino. Unlike conventional promo method, the corporation utilized a movie called “Two Lights: Relumino” as the perfect promotional tool to make their app better understood and known by the public. Through a press conference and movie screening with SAMSUNG held at CGV Indonesia, the company used Indonesia’s strong Korean wave enthusiasm to showcase their latest feature. Two Lights: Relumino is a short movie with 30 minutes duration, starred by Park Hyung Sik and Han Ji Min. With these two high profiled Hallyu actors, no wonder that the launching was packed with their fans who have been waiting to watch his film for free. The movie tells the story of Insoo (Park Hyung Sik), a guy with a disability of having a low vision who joined in a photography club specialized for the visionary impaired. There, he met Soo Young (Han Ji Min) who later developed a special bond together. The movie acts as a soft-selling tool for Relumino, as the technology was used by Insoo to increase his visionary while taking photographs.

Two Lights Relumino Movie

It is not a Korean movie without love story, but besides the two lead, we could also see the love story between a husband and a wife as well as a mother and her child. Relumino was conveyed as a product that could be used with SAMSUNG Gear VR that is compatible with SAMSUNG S8, S8+, S9 and above. The app is said to help those with visionary impaired physical to be able enjoy the latest tech innovation, according to Dolly Surya Wisaka, Manager Marketing Content and Services of SAMSUNG Electronic Indonesia. The data shown by WHO. 86% of the world’s visionary impaired have low vision condition. On the event, there was also a testimonial from Johanes Rio, a low vision patient who had used Relumino. “What I see without Relumino visually, is a narrow and far away space. This auditorium only feels like a 2x2m room, the angle is really narrow and the distance became much shorter than it really is. After using Relumino, I’m still impaired but I could see more clearly. I now believe that this cinema is very wide,” said Johanes. With this film and technology, SAMSUNG is able to raise awareness for those who suffer low vision.Two Lights Relumino Movie