A Quiet Place ReviewReview: “A Quiet Place” is A Bold Thriller Movie That is Not For The Faint Hearted

A thriller/horror movie titled “A Quiet Place” has just been screened nationwide as of today and we had the chance to witness its horror first hand. Directed by John Krasinki, the film is starred by Krasinki’s real-life wife, Emily Blunt who played the role of Evelyn Abbott. The film’s script was written and developed by John Krasinki, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods and it was based on Beck and Wood’s personal experience when they grew up. “A Quiet Place” follows the story of Abbott Family, which is comprised of Emily and her husband, Lee Abbott (John Krasinki) along with their two kids, Regan and Marcus. Regan was deaf while Marcus was a normal kid. These traits later on would play significant role on the plot. Set in the far future, a family of four moved to a new house when they are about to welcome a new member of the family as Emily was expecting to give birth soon. Strangely, the place they were moving in was haunted by a creature that hunted people by their sound. They must be as quiet as possible, or else the creature would be awaken and preyed upon them.

A Quiet Place ReviewThe movie was excellently executed albeit having been produced on a small budget production. Emily Blunt showed her top-notch act with her acting as a terrified expecting mother who wanted the safety for her kids and future newborn. Watching this film could increase your anxiety and stress, so we highly suggest you to remain calm and collected while watching it, or else do not watch this film at all. The horror and thrill that was built up throughout the film climaxed towards the end and made the viewers hold their breath. It’s like watching the old Chinese vampire movie, where humans should not breathe not to be captured. But this time, we hold our breath to not make any sound. The nearly silent film is a chock full of suspense and truly an enjoyable experience. “A Quiet Place” is not for the faint-hearted!

A Quiet Place Review
Emily Blunt

Reviewer: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia