Winchester Movie ReviewReview: “Winchester” Gave Lackluster Horror Performance

Not every horror movie could induce the fear in us, and “Winchester” is one that fails to do so. Directed by Michael and Pieter Spierig, “Winchester” tells about the Winchester family. Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) was in grief after two losses she received from the passing of her daughter as well as husband, William Wirt Winchester. The family who posses a gun factory had a huge wealth and it was all passed down to the only living kin which is Sarah. Albeit receiving a huge sum of inheritance, Sarah became paranoid as she believed that the Winchester land is cursed. With a suggestion from a medium, she built a mystery mansion using the money she got from his late husband. Her relatives started to move in the huge house, but somehow an evil spirit managed to possess her relative and caused disruption. As the rooms in this house kept increasing, the number of spirits in those rooms also multiplied. Began a journey to tame the spirits, as she grew more and more evil each day.

Winchester Movie Review
Helen Mirren as Widow Winchester

The film which is a collaboration between Australia and United States production house doesn’t have a strong horror atmosphere in it. First of all, the premises are not strong enough to buy the audience to watch this film. It was proven with the sales of this CBS distributed movie that was kinda flunked. Moreover, the plot line was too predictable that even a non-horror fan would understand. On the bright side, the wardrobe styling, decoration and background setting of the movie which was set in San Francisco and Melbourne circa 1900’s are gorgeous. The legendary Helen Mirren looked classy and vile at the same time wearing a black laced vintage dress. It’s such a waste that her top-notch status went to waste with this film. We recommend you to watch other films on the cinemas instead!

Reviewer: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia