Ping Pong Club Venetian Blinds SingleListen to This Sweet Tune from Ping Pong Club with Debut Single “Venetian Blinds”

Bearing the similar vein as Reality Club, Seaside, or Seahoarse, a new indie/twee pop outfit emerged from Bandung and declared themselves as Ping Pong Club. They have just released their debut single called “Venetian Blinds” on digital format. Comprising of Hariz Lasa (vocal, synth, guitar), Muhammad Rizky (vocal, guitar, programming), Fasya Suryadini (vocal, synth, keys) and Satrio Adi Nugroho (drum), Ping Pong Club emphasize their music on their synth and bubbly melodies. Minimalist guitar riffs help to build up the body of this song. With the addition of pastel colored visualization, “Venetian Blinds” exudes a little bit of city pop feel on their overall vibe. The song lasts for 3 minutes and 22 seconds and later on, the band would make a music video for this debut song. From the lyrics department, the track talks about someone who talks to themself. He absorbs and grasps all the things surrounding him, resulting in a philosophical thought about human and universe.

Ping Pong Club Venetian Blinds Single“The phrase ‘and let the light shine on me’  that can be found on “Venetian Blinds” is a representation from this character on the song. Step by step, he finds things that he is looking for. Other interpretation from this song is people nowadays tend to put the things outside them first. They forget about their inner self, which is God’s particle that resides within human’s body and soul,” said Hariz Lasa about the meaning of this song. From the beginning until the middle part of the song, the lyrics are about monologue. While the second part of the song, he finally finds the answer to his own question. “Venetian Blinds” is available to be streamed digitally on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp from 20 March 2018. Their debut album is planned to be released later on this year. Check out the sweet tunes from Ping Pong Club below.