Circarama Collaborators for Plasticine Jewel ConcertCircarama Announce Collaborators for “Plasticine Jewel” Concert

JAKARTA – After announcing Sky Sucahyo as the opening act for their “Plasticine Jewel” concert, Circarama now name several collaborators that will participate on their event this Saturday. Different from Sky Sucahyo who will bring her own song on a separate set, these collaborators will be featured during Circarama’s performance. There will be Erlangga Ishanders from psychedelic band, Ramayana Soul. He used to be a part of legendary rock band from Jakarta called PestolAer. Erlangga will play his signature instrument which is sitar during Circarama’s set. Ade Paloh who is the frontman of SORE and Marsh Kids will reportedly join Circarama’s set as well. There is no details which songs from the band that will feature these two aforementioned musicians. “We want to be able to present something a bit different in our songs during this concert, which will be answered by a collaboration with those two musicians. What will it be like? That must be interesting and hopefully those who come will feel it as well,” said Circarama about this collaboration on Plasticine Jewel Concert.

Circarama Collaborators for Plasticine Jewel ConcertIf you happen to have purchased the tickets for this concert, this psychedelic quartet will perform all the songs from their full length album as well as other songs that you can not find there. You might find some of their singles familiar like their debut “Sweet Shining” and single “Apple Queen” taken from their latest album.”This concert shows our gratitude towards all our listeners and those who have bought our album. It is a token of appreciation for our dear friends. We celebrate together “Plasticine Jewel” through this concert,” said Jugo Djarot, the vocalist and guitarist of Circarama. The ticket for the concert costs IDR100,000 which has been on sale . Catch these guys on the stage ata IFI Thamrin Jakarta on March 24th from 19.00 PM and for more info, head to @circarama_jkt !