Generasi90an Tamasya Mesin Waktu with Jakarta AquariumGenerasi90an Team Up with Jakarta Aquarium for “Tamasya Mesin Waktu”

If you’re following Generasi90an on social media, there’s a high chance that you have already known about their latest venture in bringing an event called “Tamasya Mesin Waktu”. The project which aims to bring back the nostalgia and simple times during the 90’s now team up with Jakarta Aquarium for this newly coordinated event. Previously, Generasi 90an have brought an annual event called “Festival Mesin Waktu” which was held in 2013, 2014 and 2017. Just like “Festival Mesin Waktu”, this new festival is also dividied into four zones which are Zona Jajan (F&B from the 90’s), Zona Musik (performances from musicians in the 90’s), Zona Museum (memorabilia from the 90’s) and Zona Main (video games and consoles from the 90’s era). The difference is it is targeted towards a wider scope of audience. Held for a week from 19 – 25 March 2018, the festival tries to bring back the memories of going on a vacation with your families. It also becomes a reminder and an encouragement for those who were born or had lived throughout the 90’s to build a better future for themselves.

“The spirit of Generasi90an is still the same since it emerged six years ago. I personally want Generasi90an acts as a time machine for those who are included in Gen Y to get the simple happiness through nostalgia. As time goes by, Generasi90an also evolves as a creative platform for networking between Generasi 90an (Gen Y) who live at the moment and become a refference and source of inspirations for all generations as well,” said Marchella FP as the founder of Generasi90an. The event does not have any age restriction so you could bring you nephew, brtoher, sister, grandpa, grandma, anyone to the biggest aquarium in Jakarta, which is located at NEO Soho, West Jakarta. Each day has a different theme going on, and there is also a special occasion of book launching from Generasi90an called “Generasi90an; Anak Kemaren Sore”. A progarm called “Jam Main Kita” will also bring back the essence of playing with friends in the outdoor area just like what people did back then.

Kunto Aji and Dipha Barus are ready to give the visitors an entertainment with their music. “Tamasya Mesin Waktu” is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM. The ticket for the event itself is free, but you will be charged with the entrance tix for Djakarta Aquarium which costs IDR95.000 (children) & IDR150.000 (adult) for week days;  and IDR115.000 (children) & IDR175.000 (adult) during the weekend. Relive the spirit, memories, and happiness of the 90’s with “Tamasya Mesin Waktu” and get more info about it here. Generasi90an Tamasya Mesin Waktu with Jakarta Aquarium