Game Night Movie ReviewReview: A Thrilling Ride with “Game Night” Starring Jason Bateman & Rachel McAdams

It’s been a while since we last saw a great combination between comedy, crime and mystery on a movie. “Game Night” directed by John Francis Daley managed to do the movie justice and we watched it ourselves to prove it. “Game Night” emphasizes around a tradition of a gaming night between families and friends with a huge twist. Centered around a mysterious murder game, the seemingly fun games took an unexpected turn when it became all serious and thrilling. Max (Jason Bateman) and his wife Annie (Rachel McAdams) invited his friends along for an exciting games that included Max’s brother, Brooks. Brooks had an idea to create a murder game that is much more interesting than UNO card or Monopoly. Brooks was kidnapped by armed thugs and people were impressed at how realistic all the things were. Max and Annie thought it was the brilliant idea from Brooks to stage all the scenes for the games himself. But, was it staged or was it true? The audience was taken into a confusing maze with this movie, but it was all thrilling and became more intricate as the movie went by. We were guessing throughout the movie and maybe you would be too if you watch “Game Night” in the cinema.

Game Night Movie ReviewAs one mystery turns into another and nothing is guaranteed, Max, Annie and their friends are propelled through an insane night of dead ends and double-crosses, fight clubs and shootouts, all the while chasing and being chased, and facing danger that could be either real or imagined—or both. This movie played with your minds, big time, and by the sole concept of the plot, we were already sold. Should they solve the puzzling game? Or should they rescue Brooks before his life was ended? “Comedy works best when you thwart expectations. The same is true of a good thriller.  We wanted to lead viewers down a path where they think they’ve gotten ahead of us, then throw them a curve they didn’t see coming,” said Jonathan Goldstein who co-directed “Game Night” with Daley. It was a great directorial by John Francis Daley as well who used to play Sam Weir in the hit comedy series from the 90’s called “Freaks and Geeks”. It is his fourth film as the director after he directed “What Babies Do” (2001); “Audio Tour” (2011); and “Vacation” (2015). “Game Night” is a refreshing change from the boring and predictable comedy-thriller movie we usually saw. Watch it on cinema near you as the movie is being screened at the moment!