Candra Darusman Detik Waktu AlbumListen to Candra Darusman’s Music Legacy Through “Detik Waktu” Compilation Album

Candra Darusman is a legend in Indonesia’s music industry. The 60-year-old musician was a part two famed pop-jazz groups in the 70’s and 80’s which were Chaseiro and Karimata. In conjunction with National Music Day which fell on March 9th each year, Signature Music Indonesia and Demajors Independent Music Industry launched a compilation album filled with 13 tracks that were composed or sung by Candra Darusman. The album titled “Detik Waktu” compiles Darusman’s 14-year-long career. He had been active in the music industry when he debuted with Chaseiro in 1978. He then continued pursuing his career with a solo venture as well as establishing a new group, Karimata which gained popularity in the 80’s. A while ago, a music collective based in Jakarta called Swara Gembira even held a tribute concert to celebrate his legacy with covers sung by young musicians. On recent appearance at Java Jazz Festival 2018, Candra Darusman was still capable in performing on his own as well as with his old group, Chaseiro. Seeing the popularity he got from these gigs, no wonder that a compilation album is bound to happen.

“Detik Waktu” album itself took two years in preparation and making. “We decided to eternalize the songs from Candra Darusman as an ode for his works and dedication towards Indonesia’s music industry,” said Panji Prasetio as the Executive Producer of Signature Music Indonesia. Having been active in World Intelectual Property Organization which is headquartered in Singapore and Germany, Candra Darusman also expressed his gratitude and pride in seeing this album comes to life. Some of the tracks are sung by musicians from various genres, era, and countries, that further prove his significance in the music world. Among those musicians are Sheila Majid, Mondo Gascaro, Danilla, Afgan, Glenn Fredly, Andien and many more.

“I feel proud and touched after seeing the dedication of these young musicians to present an interpretation with impeccable arrangement, so the results are vary, but still maintaining the soul of every song,” he said. This album is hoped to bring back nostalgia to the old listeners as well as bridging the gap between music from the past to the young generation. “Detik Waktu” is available in both physical and digital format like JOOX, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. Celebrate Candra Darusman’s legacy and wish him a long fruitful career ahead with this album.