Noirless Better Left Unsaid SingleNoirless Unveiled “Better Left Unsaid” Prior to EP Release

Noirless, an indie band whose genre can be categorized as noise-pop/alternative/shoegaze released a new single after two years called “Better Left Unsaid”. The Bandung based band revealed the single on 11 March 2018 which is aimed to showcase their new musical format as well. Rama Mazaya (vocal, guitar), Aryandra Kareem (guitar, backing vocal), and Bayu Arifianto (bass) presented a song which has a thicker guitar riffs, rapid drums but with a slower pace of beat compared to their previous single A thin layer of vocal gives off a dreamy ambience to the whole song. The lyrics of “Better Left Unsaid” tell about the limited words when it comes to expressing our inner feelings. “Those feelings are better left unsaid until the right time comes, or it’s better not to be said at all,” said Rama who was in charge of writing the lyrics. The three minutes and thirty second song is said to represent their upcoming album as a whole.

Noirless Better Left Unsaid SingleThis single as well as Noirless’ upcoming mini album called “Choices” is released through Sorge Records and Winona Tapes. The album was recorded art several studios. The guitar and bass were recorded at Masterplan Studio, the drum part was recorded at Funhouse and the vocal was recorded at Teras Belakang. It took Noirlesss seven months from April to August 2017 to complete the recording process for this album. It was then mixed and mastered by Wisnu Ikhsantama. The photography and artwork were created by M. Fikri Arifin who also acts as the manager of the band. “Better Left Unsaid” can be enjoyed on several streaming services like Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and many more. Stay tuned for the release of their album in digital, CD, and cassette tapes format soon. Listen to the single from Noirless below.