Danial Caesar Freduian Asia Tour on Java Jazz Festival 2018Dive Into The Sentimental World of Daniel Caesar with “Freudian”

No one knew about Daniel Caesar two years ago, but with a great album in hand and a boost or endorsement from Hollywood heavyweight like Kendall Jenner managed to bring him into the spotlight. The R&B/Soul singer had the chance to visit Indonesia for the first time ever during Java Jazz Festival 2018 at JIExpo Kemayoran on 3 March. It was held in conjunction with his Fredudian Asia Tour which saw him perform in South Korea and other Asian countries before. His show that night was packed with youths who were eager to listen to his soulful voice and romantic vibe he exudes through his debut album “Freudian”. As a special show, which meant that you have to purchase a separate ticket aside of JJF 2018 entrance ticket, people didn’t hesitate to buy it. The musician whose real name is Ashton Simmonds greeted the crowd with his sporty outfit choice. Grey sweater, sweatpants, white sneakers and a black bucket hat were worn by the singer and we could see a hint of yellow T-shirt underneath.

Daniel Caesar Freduian Asia Tour on Java Jazz Festival 2018As a newcomer in the music industry, he wasn’t shy or discouraged while engaging with such a huge crowd that night. Along with his live band, he started to sing tunes from his “Freudian” album. People sang along in sync with his commando on stage and Daniel Caesar was as lively as ever. He sang “Japanese Denim” upon enthusiastic scream from the crowd. He lit up a cigarette before continuing his performance. The singer got all sentimental and melancholic when it was time to sing his recent hit “Best Part”. Originally collaborating with H.E.R, Daniel Caesar sang the romantic single on his own that night. He sat down and played the guitar himself. The semi-acoustic rendition added more intimate touch to the already lovely song. Those who came with their loved ones could be seen hugging each other, holding hands as the crooner sang this song. He went on to sing  “We Find Love”, “Blessed”, “Neu Roses” as well as a cover of River Tiber called “West”.

Daniel Caesar Freduian Asia Tour on Java Jazz Festival 2018Though the crowd didn’t want to leave the place, he had to end his set with his biggest hit to date “Get You”. Although we didn’t get to see Kali Uchis to sing her part, the crowd became the perfect replacement. His falsetto and honey-like vocals sent chills to our spines and we didn’t complain a bit about it. The Grammy nominated singer finished his set and spread love in the air that night. If you happen to get curious with this singer after reading this article, we recommend you to listen to his whole album as well as previous EPs called “Praise Break” and “Pilgrim’s Paradise”. Right there, right then, after watching his performance, we believe Daniel Caesar has the ability to sing the cheesiest love song with class.

Reporter & Photo: Audy Prasetya/Editor: Novita Widia