Mocca Lima Album Digital Release
Pic: Jovy Aidil Akbar
Mocca Unveil Latest Album “Lima” on Digital Platform

Mocca, the indie pop band from Bandung finally returned from their dormant period by releasing their fifth album “Lima”. This album proves the band’s longevity as well as commitment to keep the Swinging Friends happy. Mocca released the lead single of this album earlier in February and it’s called “Teman Sejati”. The new single explores a new perspective about friendship wrapped in Mocca’s signature sweet and story telling music. Riko (guitar), Arina Ephipania (vocal), Ahmad ‘Toma’ Pratama (bass), and Indra Massad (drum)  have released “Lima” album on digital platform. As of March 9th 2018, you can already stream this album on Apple Music, JOOX or Spotify. They also worked together with Demajors Records to create the physical version of the new album and the copies have been distributed to Demajors Record Stores throughout the country. Not only Jakarta, the stores are also available in Batam, Malang, Bandung, and many more.

Mocca Lima Album Digital ReleaseMusic wise, it doesn’t derive too far from Mocca’s usual pattern. The album spans eight tracks in total and they are Teman Sejati’, ‘Dan Akhirnya’, ‘Tanda Tanya’, ‘Di Penghujung Hari Minggu’, ‘Ketika Semua Telah Berakhir’ , ‘Seharusnya’, ‘Aku dan Kamu’ and ‘Perahu Kertas (Reprise)’. Unlike Mocca’s previous releases, the songs in this album are all in Indonesian and it was produced by an architecture of atmosphere, Mondo Gascaro. Another special collaboration you can find on this album is the participation from Gardika Gigih, a pianist from Yogyakarta and Achihardjakusumah, a violinist, on a track called “Ketika Semua Telah Berakhir”. For the latest experience on listening Mocca, please do listen to their album “Lima” on whichever platform you prefer. Here is the digital version of the album on Spotify which you can listen to below. For the band’s latest update, follow their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Fanpage.