Are you ready to sing Lalala today? We are!

LaLaLa Festival 2018With  tremendous excitement  for LaLaLa Festival 2018, a  press conference was held yesterday on 9 March 2018 at Novena Hotel, Bandung.  Now a  part  of Orchid  Forest, this  year’s  LaLaLa  Festival  promises to  bring  us music  and wonder like  no  other in  the middle  of perplexing woodland.   The  Press  Conference was attended  by  all  the  media  and  also  the  speaker,  Sandy Laksana (CMO of the  Group), Maulana Akbar (Dirut Orchid  Forest Cikole),  Ferally (Manager  PR  of  LaLaLa  Festival  2018)  together  with  some  of  the  performers; Wafia,  RKCB,  and  Adhitia  Sofyan,  we  get  to  hear  some  glimpses  about  the  event from  official  representatives  of  the  festival.  This  year’s  attendees  will  be  treated to  natural  beauty  of  Orchid  Forest  and  mainly  its  highly  improved  access.  They don’t  even  have  to  worry  so  much  about getting  there  also,  as  there  will  be  bus shuttle  prepared  on  scheduled  time.  “As  a  come  back,  we’ve  been  preparing LaLaLa Festival with  much better facilities  and  infrastructure, better access, better serve.  We’re  hoping  to  have  a good weather  tomorrow”, said Sandy Laksana. Upcoming  attendees  are  sharing  their  enthusiasm  with  the  performers  as  well. Although  this  is  not  her  first  time  in  Indonesia,  a  forest festival  is  something new for  Wafia. She  is  just  excited  to  be here in  Bandung, and  can’t wait  to  try  the  local foods along  the  way.

LaLaLa Festival 2018On  the  other  hand,  RKCB  couldn’t  be  more  thrilled  to  greet their  Indonesian  fans  for  the  first  time.  They  are  also  in  particular  very  eager  to explore Bandung more and  get the best of it.  As for their  anticipated performances tomorrow, Wafia and RKCB have promised to bring their best stage acts  in LaLaLa Festival  2018. Not  only  international  lineups,  we  also  get  the  chance  to  hear  from  the  nation’s favorite act:  Adhitia  Sofyan. There surely is  excitement  for him,  as this  would mark his  first  time  performing live  in  a  forest festival.  “I  personally think  that  my  songs will  match  well  with  the  surrounding, so  I’m looking forward to  the  performance.”   For  those  of  you  who  haven’t  secured your  ticket  just  yet,  online  ticket  will  only be  available  until  9PM  today,  so  it’s  now  or  never!  Hit  our  website  now  on  before  it’s  too  late!LaLaLa Festival 2018