Mirak Div on Jazz Buzz Salihara 2018Everything is Music on the Hands of Mirak Div

JAKARTA (02/25) – Mirak Div, a name that for now, hasn’t gotten popular yet, but its members already got a name on their own. Mirak Div is a musical project founded by the drummer of White Shoes & The Couples Company, John Navid with the keyboardist of Tomorrow People Ensemble, Adra Karim. During their performance on Jazz Buzz Salihara 2018, they explored a unique set of approach on what musical instruments are supposed to be. Rather than using traditional or conventional musical instruments, they incorporated household utensils to produce the sounds on their set. Scratching utensil, kids’ toys, typewriter are among the things that Mirak Div used for their performances. In total, Adra Karim and John Navid presented seven tracks starting with “Pusara Nada”. It was then followed with “Jakarta”, “Bajaj Air”, “Ruang di Antara”, “Ngip-Ngop”, “Bercakap Sejenak” and then closed with “Tiga Dari Lima”.

Mirak Div on Jazz Buzz Salihara 2018John Navid in particulear, showcased an attractive stage performance that could glue anyone’s eyes to his antic. Both had incredible chemistry and with more experiences of playing together, we believe that Mirak Div could show that jazz music could transform into anything. We are curious on what kind of unusual instrument this duo are going to use in the future. Albeit newly formed, Mirak Div showcased an experimental, unique, and friendly approach of music using things that we often find in our daily lives. It is in line with Jazz Buzz’ theme Jazz Sans Frontierés, which showcases jazz as music without limit. Their performance are like a circus, where the audience would be constantly in awe and it was highly entertaining. Within 70 minutes of performance that night, us, mere mortals that could not play any musical instruments started to believe that we could be musicians too. Bravo, Mirak Div!

Reporter: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia
Photos: Komunitas Salihara/Witjak Widhi Cahya