Erik Soto Love, Lust and All of The Above SingleErik Soto Delivers Smooth R&B Vibe with “Love, Lust and All of The Above”

His name might not ring a bell for you now, but later on, he might rise. Hailing from Jakarta, producer Erik Soto has debuted with a single called “Love, Lust and All of The Above”. He plans to include this single on his upcoming EP which will drop in May. On first listen, we are welcomed with soulful beats and clap sounds then boom, Mylescam’s voice came in like a wrecking ball (sort of). We didn’t expect this kind of deep and heavy voice could come out from this song, the chorus especially compliments his voice color well. Yeah, his tunes will remind you a bit of Teza Sumendra, a vocalist with the similar type of voice but his music is quite different. It’s a lot lighter, less nuanced, but mischievous at the same time. The traditional R&B beats that you usually find on tracks that belong to Ne-Yo, Jeremih, or Trey Songz can be found on this number with more subtle electronic approach as the layering sound. Mylescam doesn’t always sing in his thick soulful voice, but also utilizes his falsetto and exchange both techniques in between verses.

Erik Soto Love, Lust and All of The Above SingleErik Soto previously showed his craft as a producer after working on Ramngvrl’s official remix of “I’m Da Man” and Emir Hermono’s “Call On U”. “Love, Lust and All of The Above” is only the beginning of what the soloist got to offer as he aims to present tunes that are timeless, eclectic which is rare to be found in this era. “The track is a part of my upcoming EP that encapsulates various stages of a relationship that everyone goes through,” said Erik Soto. Mylescam, a singer from the US was also on board to be featured in this song and further proved that music is just the right platform to unify artists from anywhere in the world. It will be dope to see his performance live if he brings this type of songs  and more collaborators. He is no stranger to the live scenes in his city. So, please welcome Erik Soto with his debut single “Love, Lust and All of The Above” below. Check out his Spotify or Soundcloud as well to find more gems that were produced by him (we’re kinda lost in Erik Soto’s maze as of now).