Circarama Plasticine Jewel Concert JakartaCircarama Will Hold “Plasticine Jewel” Mini Concert at IFI Jakarta

Psychedelic outfit, Circarama have released their album called “Plasticine Jewel” back in December 25th, 2017. After releasing their album, a good news arrived in the form of a mini concert. Yes, the band hailing from Jakarta will hold a showcase for this album on 24 March 2018. The concert will take place at IFI Thamrin Jakarta in which the auditorium often host musical events like concert and such. “Plasticine Jewel” was released via Helat Tubruk record label and contains nine songs in total. Prior to the album release, Circarama had produced “Apple Queen” with a lyrics video created by Dhiwang “Kokoro” Seta. It takes the band a few months before realizing a mini concert for their new album. “This concert shows our gratitude towards all of the listeners of Circarama and those who have bought our album. It is a token of appreciation for our dear friends. We celebrate together “Plasticine Jewel” through this concert,” said Jugo Djarot, the vocalist and guitarist of Circarama.

Jugo Djarot, Faiz Mochammad (guitar), Rifaldi Moeli (bass) and Eki Sena (drum) of Circarama have also prepared a special performance on their upcoming concert. There will also be several collaborators whose identities have not been revealed yet. For certain, all the songs from “Plasticine Jewel” will be brought as well as their previously released singles or maybe few numbers that you can’t think of. Their album is available on digital streaming services, but if you’re into the physical records, there might be some copies sold on the day of the concert. Circarama have also revealed several merchandise that are bundled with their CD release including totebag, necklace and jewel box. The ticket for the concert costs IDR100,000 which has been on sale . Catch these guys on the stage on March 24th and for more info, head to @circarama_jkt !