An Evening Showcase by Double Deer x Locker Media
Photo: @mzbbw_
An Evening Showcase of Emerging Electronic Ladies by Double Deer x Locker Media

JAKARTA – The rise of electronic music scene in Indonesia is happening in the past few years. Sadly, the leading names on this genre mostly featured male-centered projects. However, that is all about to change as on 25 February 2018, an all-female electronic musician showcase was held in Jakarta. Double Deer Records worked together with Locker to present an event called “An Evening Showcase”. It fearured three emerging female musicians of electronic genre. There were KLAV + RL, Rayssa Dynta and Tanayu. Labeled as an intimate showcase, a small stage at The Fifth Kemang became the platform for these three musicians to show what they got. These three can be said to bring electro pop music genres, but each of them offers different flavors, package, and delivery. As the opener, KLAV + RL put out soulful electronic tunes taken from their debut EP “Basic”. They brought live instruments for their set, with KLAV being the drummer. The dimmed lighting helped to bring a soothing and intimate ambience even though the crowd was pretty packed.

An Evening Showcase by Double Deer x Locker Media
Photo: @rockcarousel

Afterwards, Rayssa Dynta took the stage to perform four songs in total which were taken from her debut EP “Prolog”. It seems like everyone was getting familiar with Rayssa. When she sang her debut single “Something About Us”, people enjoyed singing along to the song. There were more people showed up too during her performance, and we thought that the goal for this event has been reached with such engagement. You might be familiar with the last act, it’s no other than Intan Ayu, a model, actress and singer who has been in the industry for a long time. This time, Intan Ayu was reborn as Tanayu who concerns on electro pop music as her main genre. She sang the tracks from her album “REBORN” and sang the lead single “Cahaya Tiada Tara”. She said that with this genre, she could finally find her path in music. She could explore more about her ability and the music itself. After these three ladies performed, two young selectors FRZ and Gasta played their tunes for the audience. Congrats on your debut, and hope to see on more stages in 2018!