Dewa Budjana Stringed Quartet Vibraphone on Jazz Buzz Salihara 2018Dewa Budjana with Stringed Quartet and Vibraphone Stunned on Jazz Buzz Salihara 03!

JAKARTA (2/18) – Jazz Buzz Salihara 2018 : Jazz Sans Frontiéres had officially kicked off on February 17th with the performance from Trio Ligro. On the following day, the annual jazz festival continued its series by inviting seasoned guitarist, Dewa Budjana along with Stringed Quartet and Vibraphone on stage. His name is an ultimate guarantee that we were going to witness a satisfying show and it was! Beginning his set with some strong intro, Dewa Budjana managed to combine the sound of his guitar with the stringed instruments and vibraphone. We have watched his performances on several occasions before, but this time he chose something new and exciting. Dewa Budjana accompanied by Alvin Witarsa (violin), Eko “Balung” Yuliantoro (violin), Adi Nugroho (viola), Dimawan Krisnowo Adji (cello) and Arief Winanda (vibraphone) opened his set with new numbers called “Queen Kanya” and “Mahandini”. Both tracks will be included in Dewa’s upcoming album “Mahandini” which was recorded at United States. The album is now in its final step, before being launched in April. He explained that Kanya is the name of a reigning queen at Klungkung, Bali a long time ago and the song was dedicated to her name.

Dewa Budjana Stringed Quartet Vibraphone on Jazz Buzz Salihara 2018Afterwards, he continued his set with “Zentuary”, a song taken from his rock album of the same name. This time, the song was combined with the dramatic stringed quartet and vibraphone bringing a more well rounded tunes for the spectators. “Caka”, “Dawaiku”, “Bunga Yang Hilang” were brought back to back by the guitarits of rock band, GIGI with the band. “Lake Takengon” and “Joged Kahyangan” became the closing numbers for his incredible stage. During his performance he also brought his long time friend who is a bassist and kulintang player, to join him on stage. The new addition managed to blow us away and we could not set any limit for Dewa Budjana’s new exploration in music anymore. The stringed quartet and vibraphone have showcased their ability and expertise since they have experienced many stages before. The simple stage with lighting as its gimmick made the viewers focused on the music of Dewa Budjana and co. Hopefully his forthcoming album “Mahandini” would break another barrier in music and bring more musicians from various genres or instruments into one platform. Bravo Dewa Budjana!

Reporter: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia
Documentation: Komunitas Salihara/Witjak Widhi Cahya