Peter Rabbit Movie ReviewReview: Peter Rabbit Shows Comical Bunnies Which Derive From The Original Story

Everyone must be familiar with “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”, a series of tales created by author and illustrator Beatrix Power. After years of pursuing the author and the copyright holder to turn the classic character into the big screen, we eventually see “Peter Rabbit” comes to life through Sony Pictures. Being released in Indonesia this month, Peter Rabbit was directed by Will Gluck and he chose to interpret the adorable bunnies using CGI technique, instead of Potter’s 2D drawings. The director combines live action with CGI to bring more complex stories than the tale. The film’s screenplay was developed by Gluck and Rob Lieber, using the original characters that can be found on the tale with some new twists and modern adjustment. Starring Domnhall Gleeson as Thomas McGregor, James Corden as the voice of Peter Rabbit, as well as Daisey Ridley, Margot Robbie as the voice over for other animated characters, the film takes off on a promising start.

Peter Rabbit Movie ReviewFor 93 minutes, we could see the sophisticated CGI technique that blends rather well with the live action. Its cinematography could make any children stare in awe, we as an adult were stunned as well. Story wise, Peter Rabbit offer a conflict that could be understood by those above 10 years old rather than their main target, children and families. Peter’s never ending feud with Thomas McGregor were funny in some parts. Other bunnies were very adorable and intelligent that the viewers might want to pet or adopt them. Besides the rabbit, the humans do not have a very strong personality or standpoint. So even though the source of conflict stems from the humans, they lack the power to drive the story further from its cliché agenda. The film also received mixed reviews after its initial release in United States, bu hopefully, this movie could be an alternative for families in Indonesia. Catch the action of Peter and his siblings bunnies on theaters near you!

Reviewer: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia