Gerram Teriak Pesakitan Music VideoGERRAM Unleash A Bloody Music Video for “Teriak Pesakitan”

Bloody, ferocious, and vile are three words that can describe the latest music video from dark hardcore punk band from Palembang, GERRAM for “Teriak Pesakitan”. Just like their usual image which emphasizes on darkness and anger, this video embodies all the band’s values. GERRAM playfully present a hard banging guitar riffs that will be able to shred you to pieces. The screams further accentuates the hurtful message that is found on this song. “Teriak Pesakitan” tells about the cruelty of someone who wholeheartedly hurt both the physical and psychological state for their own satiscfaction. That what we could grasp from the literal meaning taken from the lyrics, but if you dig it deeper, the band said that this song also applies on a broader level. Torture isn’t always about physical or psychological, but also political. Those who aim to reach a higher position of wealth, influence, and interests do not hesitate to put anyone under the bus if it’s required.

This song is taken from their first full-lenght album called “Genderang Bencana” which was released back in 2014 via Blacksheep Records. The concept, shooting, and cinematography that you see in this video were created by three talented videographers which are Enggar Kalbuadi, Phebe Angela, and Carolus Moa. They won a video competition held by Siasat Partikelir and Navasvara, thus the video happened. The video was unveiled during Valentine’s Day which is thought to be a bogus ceremonial day that does not mean anything. Before you go and watch this video in its entirely, we strongly advise you not to do so if you’re afraid at the thoughts or scenes of blood. There will be a lot of it in the video which you can watch below. Find the tunes from Abim Fakhri (guitar), Irwandra Septiady (drums), Rinaldy Putra (bass), Rio Falenta (guitar) and Mashur Subhakti (vocal) as well .