Paramore Concert in Jakarta 2018
Credit: Lindsey Byrnes on Billboard
Here’s How You Can Refund Your Paramore Tickets!

After Hayley Williams’ unfortunate incident that involved throat and respiratory infection, Paramore’s concerts in Jakarta and Phillipines were effectively dismissed. Albeit the singer left a message on the band’s official social media that stated fans should keep their tickets and promised for another show in August, people can not help but wonder what to do with their already purchased tickets. Through a press release that we received from the promoter, Sonic Live Asia – MCM Live – Pop Inc, it was revealed that BookMyShow as the official ticketing partner for Paramore TOUR FOUR in Jakarta offer a 100% refund. Fans who have gathered on the D-day at the venue, were collected at the hall and was announced with the sad news on stage. “This is a thing that we all don’t want to happen, but after discussing with the tour manager, Paramore’s management and doctor team, we as the promoter stated that Paramore were forced to cancel their show in Jakarta. This was an unforeseen circumstance, because their entourage had arrived in Jakarta last night (15/02),” said Oktoberi Surbakti from MCM Live.

Paramore Cancel Shows in Jakarta and Manila
Sonic Live Asia’s official statement

The impact of this cancellation was massive as fans from all across the country were ready to watch Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro on stage. The team behind the concert worked hard to ensure that the collateral damage was well taken care of. The team is supposedly preparing a re-scheduled show for Paramore in Jakarta as of now. Other than that, BookMyShow has promised a full refund for the purchased tickets that can be done within two weeks of workdays. Sudir Syal as the CEO of BookMyShow also shared his statement about the cancellation on the website and attached a form link that you can fill if you want to refund your ticket. There are two options for the tickets which is refund or retain it. For those who choose to retain, another announcement for the re-scheduled show will be made in the future.

Paramore Concert Refund Steps:

1. Go to
2. Fill in the form if you want to retain or refund your ticket
3. Make sure you have your Booking Code ready