Setelah Residensi Trimatra Salihara Exhibition“Setelah Residensi Trimatra”, An Art Exhibition from Three Young Artists at Salihara

After two months residency in Australia and Thailand, the three winners from “Kompetisi Trimatra Salihara 2016” have returned and exhibited their new artworks on “Setelah Residensi Trimatra”. Suryo Herlambang, Reza Zefanya Mulia, and Ajeng Martia Saputri have done mini research and explored through various mediums that could be developed and incorporated into their works. Suryo Herlambang as the first winner of “Kompetisi Trimatra Salihara 2016” had the chance to spend a two-month residency in Tasmania, Australia. At The Pickers’ Hut Glaziers Bay, Suryo learned about new environment and culture.

Setelah Residensi Trimatra Salihara Exhibition
Suryo Herlambang

The artist who conveys his works through sculpture learned more about figurative forms at the Matt Calvert, Australian renowned sculptor’s own gallery. On the exhibition that we saw at Salihara, he portrayed sculptures in human forms which was inspired by humans’ journey. Suryo positioned himself as Christopher Colombus who discovered new customs, cultures, and origins. He thinks that every journey that human experiences, could result in a new set of culture. Dissected skulls, organs, and disfigured human’s anatomy could be seen on his latest work.

Setelah Residensi Trimatra Salihara Exhibition
Reza Zefanya Mulia

Reza Zefanya Mulia, an alumnae of State University of Jakarta became the second winner of the program. Together with the third winner, Ajeng Maria Saputri, they did a residency at Tentacles Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand. Reza who used various mediums as his artwork developed an interest in pop culture and technology through his residency. He showcased a set of works that focus on the habit of gallery’s visitors who often take selfies and wholeheartedly forget about the art itself. He also gave a little sentiments about the current trends through his installations that we enjoyed seeing.

Setelah Residensi Trimatra Salihara Exhibition
Ajeng Martia Saputri

Ajeng Maria Septi who has gone through the same residency as Reza used to use mediums like paper, cloth, sound, resin, and wood. Her works usually stem from her personal feelings and experience. Two months residency in Thailand gave her a new perspective and a boost of self confidence. She sewed poetry in several pieces of cloth. Her words were stitched in red threads, that help to embolden her statements. These artists’ artworks can be seen at Salihara from 11 February to 11 March that opens everyday except national holiday.Setelah Residensi Trimatra Salihara Exhibition Setelah Residensi Trimatra Salihara Exhibition

Reporter: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia
Photo Credit: Komunitas Salihara/Witjak Widhi Cahya

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