Mocca Teman Sejati SingleMocca Return with New Single “Teman Sejati” Ahead of New Album “Lima”

Five albums are a huge feat for any musical group and Mocca considered their new venture to be sacred. Riko (guitar), Arina Ephipania (vocal), Ahmad ‘Toma’ Pratama (bass), and Indra Massad (drum) gave Swinging Friends a little taste of their upcoming album with single “Teman Sejati”. Taken from their album “Lima”, this song becomes the third Indonesian song from the band hailing from Bandung. Previously, they often wrote their songs in English and only have two Indonesian songs which are “Hanya Satu” and “Sebelum Kau Tidur”. With lyrics written in Bahasa Indonesia, the meaning becomes easily understood and we could relate a lot to the experience. It tells about a situation when real friends are always there through thick and thin. A moment of broken heart could determine whether real friends will stay or leave. The storytelling style that is identical to Mocca’s character is still apparent on this song and the addition of brass section and accordion add more variation to the simple melodies and repetitive lyrics. It still sounds as sweet as ever, and might be the perfect tune to gift your dearest friends.

Being released in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, “Teman Sejati” was written by Riko after he was inspired by his child, Nala. Nala experienced a heart break once he lost his Transformer toys in a playground. Riko captured the moment and developed it into a song, and the theme suddenly became wider and more universal than the initial inspiration. The positive vibe from this song represents their whole “Lima” album and stays true to Mocca’s friendly image. This song was recorded alongside Kelas Mocca, an initiative for anyone to learn playing musical instruments or any sort of musical activities. With the spirit of learning, the project which was founded in 2014 gave this song more positive boost. “Lima album will become a new chapter for Mocca because we come out of our comfort zone. We’re satisfied with the result because we participated in creating and following every process,” closes Riko. Enjoy the song on digital streaming services below.