Beach Fossils Come to Indonesia
Credit: Kohei Kawashima
Be Ready to Get High with Beach Fossils This March!

8th Music Gallery is shaped up to be awesome with their latest announcement of line-up. On 16 February 2018, the annual music festival held by BSO Band Economic and Business Faculty of Universitas Indonesia took their social media to reveal the news of Beach Fossils as the headliner. The news actually leaked over a week ago when the band inserted Jakarta, Indonesia as their tour destination. The date which was registered on March 10th, 2018 is the day of 8th Music Gallery, so it didn’t come as surprise when their name was announced. The band which was formed in 2009 have released three full-lenght albums, “Beach Fossils” (2010), “Clash The Truth” (2013) and “Sommersault” (2017); three EPs, and one demo album. Their latest release “Sommersault” has catapulted their career in music which always lingers around lo-fi, dream pop, and atmospheric sounds. Their coming to Indonesia is also in conjunction with their Asian tour.

Beach Fossils Come to IndonesiaThey are scheduled to kick off their Asian tour with a show in Taiwan on March 7th. Two days later, their journey continues to Thailand before heading out to Jakarta. They will visit Singapore on March 12th and Philippines on the 14th. Beach Fossils will finish their Asian leg tour with performances in Japan at the end of March. This becomes the first time that Dustin Payseur, Jack Doyle Smith and Tommy Davidson visit Indonesia. The New York based band will perform at the 8th Music Gallery alongside other musicians like Novo Amor, Jason Ranti, The S.I.G.I.T, OM PMR, .Feast, Bam Mastro, HEALS, White Shoes & The Couples Company, lightcraft, and many more. The tickets for the festival is selling out fast and it is usually sold out prior to D-day. For further information regarding Beach Fossils’ first ever performance in Indonesia, you could go straight ahead to @musicgallery_  on Instagram and grab the tickets before you’re running out.