Paramore Cancel Show in Jakarta and Manila
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Paramore Cancel Shows in Jakarta and Manila Due To Hayley William’s Unfit Condition

JAKARTA (16/02) – Nothing could drift you away from bad luck as it also happened to Paramore‘s fans as well as their frontwoman, Hayley Williams. Paramore’s much awaited concert for their TOUR FOUR has been abruptly cancelled after Hayley Williams was deemed unfit to perform on live shows. The band have arrived in Jakarta, when Hayley suddenly took Paramore’s Instagram just hours away before the show to announce her sickness. In the last two days prior to the concert, she has been dealing with throat & upper respiratory infection. The illness cause Hayley’s voice unable to come through, thus she was deemed unfit to continue the rest of the tour. With heavy heart, she also announced the cancellation of Paramore’s tour in Manila’s sold out show which caused many fans voiced out their disappointment. Albeit having to cancel the show, they promise to return to Indonesia with re-scheduled date. Many fans have arrived on the venue at ICE, BSD, earlier today and some of them have to returned empty handed due to the heartbreaking news.

Paramore Cancel Shows in Jakarta and Manila
Sonic Live Asia’s official statement

Meanwhile, Hayley Williams is currently under doctor’s care in Jakarta and probably will take a little rest before returning to United States. Sonic Live Asia as the promoter also officially announced the cancellation on their social media. There hasn’t been too many details about the purchased tickets, whether there will be refund from the promoter or something else. There will be more announcements coming in the future. So you’d better stay tuned to their social media for the latest updates. It seems like the goddess of fortune does not favor this new promoter much, as they also received some backlash during POND’s tour after there was a little mishap on venue’s announcement (it was suddenly changed into Rossi Musik in last minute, before returning once again to The Pallas). As they have promised to invite more foreign musicians to Indonesia, it will be a hard time recovering from this one. Get well soon Hayley and we do hope to see you soon in Jakarta!

Paramore Cancel Shows in Jakarta and Manila
Hayley Williams’ announcement on Facebook