KimoKal Neonomora One Single“One” by KimoKal ft. Neonomora is The Kick Ass Anthem You Need Right Now

“O”, the debut album from KimoKal was stunning but it lacks the punch that could elevate the duo’s sound on stage. Now they redeem it with their latest release featuring Neonomora called “One” which was released on 9 February 2018 via Double Deer Records. It can be categorized as an electronic ballad equipped with Kallula’s ever mysterious persona, Kimo’s musical craft plus Neonomora’s vocal strength. It is a complete package that showcases the three’s own ability and we’re thrilled to see this collaboration happen on stage. Just like previous KimoKal’s tracks, the single exudes a dark, deep, and chill atmosphere that is built up by the echoing synths, pulsating beats, and catchy hooks. It is like a combination between current techno trend, glam rock and psychedelic. If “One” is a person, then it must be a badass lady that you don’t dare to touch. They admit that this song is more dynamic sounding than what they did on “O”. “The process of maturing is clearly exhibited by both Kimo and Kallula, as their creating process is now meticulous, putting into account other aspects besides what’s good in the ears,” they explain through a press release.

The song itself tells about collision, collaboration and interdependence. It gives a strong positive vibe about being there for each other, holding on to another, and being each other’s guiding voice through good and bad. For the single artwork, KimoKal worked with Arin Sunaryo & Ginar Satria (21 x 31). After the release of this single and their tour in Japan last week, the band are currently back in the studio to finish recording their sophomore album. This time they manage to secure the bag by working with Mercedes-Benz and Adidas Indonesia to bring more explorative, experimental and yet more refined sound. So, need we say more? Go ahead and put this banger on repeat!