Wai Rejected Luna SingleWai Rejected Reveal Second Single “Luna”

Pontianak’s own band, Wai Rejected, recently took the time to release their second single called “Luna”. Doni Randa Putra (vocal), Redo Sasnatra (bass), John Fisher (guitar), Dhika Rachman (drum) and Theo Utomo (Synthetizer) released this single under their new label, Seven Music. Since their participation on Meet The Labels in 2015, this band is getting serious in making their footprint in national music industry. Their seriousness was proven with the release of their first single “Why”, which was followed by “Luna”. This time, Wai Rejected still use their signature guitar formula a la The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand or Babyshambles. On “Why”, the have learned a lot from their mentor and collaborator, Aqi from band Alexa. “Aqi gave us a lot of influence, from songwriting, sound and many more. We learned a lot from Aqi as well as Alexa,” said the band. “Luna” talks about human’s ego, selfishness, and arrogance. These three are said to be the reasons that human’s relationship are destroyed and often disturb the surrounding.

The lyrics for “Luna” were made with honesty, as they don’t contain much exaggeration or poetic terms. The pop rock tunes are made with simple melodies with even simpler lyrics to better reconnect the song to the listeners. Wai Rejected wish that this song could make their brand more likeable. This band were formed in 2006 and made their big break in 2015 after being signed into Seven Music for their participation on Meet The Labels. In 2008, the band’s song also made it into “LA Lights Indiefest Vol.3” compilation album. They used to reside in Malang before moving back to their hometown in Pontianak after finishing their education there. The band has come a long way and you can listen to their new single “Luna” on digital format on Spotify below.

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