Instant Eat Club ReviewNeed to Dine in A Hurry? Try Hotbox by Instant Eat Club!

MALANG – As one of the most growing city in East Java, there’s no denying that the fast paced life started to spread in Malang. To fulfill the need of an instant way of eating, Instant Eat Club was reborn with a whole new concept, menu, and location. The dining place who used to serve instant noodle with new variations took a year to rebrand their concept. Instant Eat Club (IEC) has been moved to a new location at Jl. Dirgantara A1 No.4 Malang and opened their establishment starting from 10 February 2018. The new IEC still put noodles in their menu list, but this time it is not instant noodle like we knew before. They serve 3 kinds of noodle in a Chinese takeout style container, there are Black Garlic, Mie Nusantara, and Cheesy Katsu. Each one of them bring out different flavor that you might like.

Instant Eat Club Review
Mie Nusantara

Black Garlic for example looks frightening at first for its black color, but the combination of garlic, grease and spices makes this savory dish unlike any other taste we have tried before. Mie Nusantara is a flavor we might be familiar with as it is similar with the regular fried noodle that we often find on hawkers. Lastly, Cheesy Katsu emphasizes on the combination of crispy fried chicken breast with cheesy mayo sauce on top of noodle. The noodle menu costs IDR15K each.

Instant Eat Club Review
Black Garlic
Instant Eat Club Review
Indian Bread with Greek Chicken filling

If you like to eat sandwich type of dish, IEC are ready to serve you with their Indian Bread which also costs you IDR15K. There are two fillings that you can pick from the menu which are Greek Chicken and Mac ‘n Cheese. This menu features Indian flatbread that is toasted and wrapped over the fillings. Greek Chicken has pulled chicken, coleslaw, sour cream and guacamole as the filling. While Mac ‘n Cheese feature American favorite comfort food, macaroni and cheese. So what if it’s carbs on carbs? To sweeten your day, there are Ronnie, The Cereal Killer, a cereal bar combined with IEC’s home-made cheese ice cream and Fillip, The Energizer which is a combination between espresso, dill sugar, tonic and sparkling water.

Instant Eat Club Review
Matcha Latte

Other beverages include Cheese Tea in three variants, Breezy Cheese (Black tea with mint sugar with cheese foam), Matcha Cheese (Ice Matcha Latter with cheese foam), Choco Cheese (iced chocolate topped with cheese foam). There is also a selection of coffee like Cubano, Moccacino or Capuccino. IEC is also affiliated with Peddler, which is the hawker version of IEC that you can find at several occasions like bazaar, festival or campus events. Your time to dine might be short, but don’t waste it over unhealthy and processed food, try Instant Eat Club unique menu. You can order it through their social media (delivery service is available as well).

Instant Eat Club Review
Fillip, The Energizer
Instant Eat Club Review
Ronnie, The Cereal Killer

Food Price Range : IDR15K – 20K

Beverage Price Range : IDR4K – 15K


Location : Jl. Dirgantara A1 No.4, Sawojajar, Malang

Photo: Hanif Ardhika/Writer: Novita Widia