NOMU 9 New Appetizer and Manual Brew Coffee Valentine's Day
Manual brew technique demonstration
Appetizer and Manual Brew Coffee by NOMU 9 + Valentine’s Day Promo!

NOMU 9 Bites & Beverage introduces a series of new menu from their kitchen and brewery. The café which is located at Jl. Pandan, Malang wants to spread the news that they are not only a resto that is famous for their food and dessert. They also want to educate the visitors that their coffee is their go-to drink that you need to try. This time the barista at NOMU 9 exhibited their creation using manual brew technique. Manual brew technique requires adequate skill in grinding, brewing and serving the coffee to accentuates the texture, smell, and aftertaste of the drink. In total, there are 6 manual brewing techniques which you can choose for your coffee. First up, there is Toebroek technique which is commonly found in Indonesia’s coffee shop from the smallest and cheapest place to the high end café. The technique of stirring manually the coffee powder with hot water resulted in a full bodied and heavy tasting notes. French Press technique is suitable for brewing a few batches of heavy bodied coffee with strong mouthfeel and aftertaste. V60 or also known as pour over lets the coffee has a high citrus notes. Aeropress is the way to go if you like your coffee to have a clean taste.

NOMU 9 New Appetizer and Manual Brew Coffee Valentine's Day

Kalita Wave gives your coffee a medium body with great flavor and clarity in its notes. For those who doesn’t like thick coffee, then Chemex is the one to choose since it gives thinner texture, floral notes, and a little dryness in its mouthfeel. To accompany the coffee, you can choose new appetizers from NOMU 9 menu. There are Crouquet and Tofu Fishcake as the new creation from the kitchen team. These fritters are a great company for the drinks and could become the alternative food from NOMU’s usual appetizers like Nachos or Quesadilla. The crouquet is made up of mashed potato, cream, and minced beef. It is then fried into perfect golden brown and you can dip it into chili sauce or ketchup according to your taste. While Tofu Fishcake is made from minced fish combined with seasonings, herbs, and then filled into tofu and fried. Sour and spicy sauce becomes the condiment for this dish. The new appetizer menu costs IDR28,000 while the manual brew coffee starts from IDR18,000. NOMU 9 also holds a special Valentine’s Day promo in which they offer a couple package for IDR165,000 and IDR315,000. This first package includes appetizer, main course and beverage. While the pricier one includes a decoration on your table. There will be a show from local talents as well such as Bambang Iswanto, Steffani BPM and Pascale to make your night filled with love. For more information you can contact @nomu9.malang on LINE or 0822 3328 8340 on WhatsApp.

NOMU 9 New Appetizer and Manual Brew Coffee Valentine's Day
Tofu Fishcake

Appetizer Price : IDR 28,000

Manual Brew Coffee Price : starts from IDR 18,000++


“Hey, Love” Valentine’s Day Promo

NOMU 9 New Appetizer and Manual Brew Coffee Valentine's Day
Hey, Love

IDR165,000 Couple Package (2 persons)  : Appetizer, Main course, Beverage

IDR315,000 Couple Package (2 persons) : Appetizer, Main course, Beverage, Decoration


Reporter & Photographer : Hanif Ardhika