BIANCADIMAS, The New Relationship Goals in Music
BIANCADIMAS – Seperti Selamanya
BIANCADIMAS, The New Relationship Goals in Music Debut with Album “Seperti Selamanya”

Move over Dilan and Milea, because now we got a real life couple that might set a new standard of romantic called BIANCADIMAS. The folk pop duo is made up of a husband and a wife named Dimas Wibisana and Bianca Nelwan who sum up their love story into an album called “Seperti Selamanya”. Bianca was formerly known as a member of The Nelwans who sang the soundtrack of “Marmut Merah Jambu”, a romantic comedy flick created by Raditya Dika. While Dimas was also active as a member of SKETSA with Gerald Situmorang back then. This project has unveiled a couple of albums called “Childhood Dream” and “Different Seasons”. If it’s not lovey dovey enough, BIANCADIMAS launched their duo project in conjunction with their engagement day where two families from both sides met. There they performed their first single “Cerita Kita” upon families and friends who attended. “Bianca loves foreign ballad music, while I prefer Indonesian music in the 80’s – 90’s and rock. We finally decided to make songs first without thinking about the genre. Eventually the materials were collected, and the songs are very pop sounding but suitable to be arranged in folk. It’s pop folk, the right term to describe our music,” explained Dimas.

BIANCADIMAS, The New Relationship Goals in MusicContaining 10 songs in total, the album “Seperti Selamanya” was released during their wedding day on 28 January 2018 at Soehana Hall. They performed a showcase with the help of fellow musicians like Rendy Pandugo, Kunto Aji, Gamaliel Audrey Cantika, Josh Kunze, and Kevin Widaya & The Southern Soul. The unique concept of this band came into realization since they always share about their love life since they were dating. They both share the lovely moments and the preparation towards wedding on social media. The followers encouraged them and labeled them as ‘relationship goals’, hence the album “Seperti Selamanya” was made. They aim to inspire other couple to keep faith with love until they are united in marriage. Listen to the sweet tunes of this lovely duo below.