Sigmun Behelit SingleSigmun Make a Grand Return with “Behelit”

Being absent for a while from the music scene, psych rock group from Bandung, Sigmun returned triumphantly with new single “Behelit”. We don’t know where to begin to dissect about this song, because it sounds so effortlessly good. According to the press release, the song was actually planned to be released in mid-2017. Since the band thought it was not the right moment, and maybe since Haikal Azizi’s side gig as a folk soloist Bin Idris has been going so well, the plan to release this song got postponed until this year. The natural phenomenon of super blue blood moon on 31 January 2018 was thought to be the ‘it’ moment for releasing this number. Back in 2015, their single “Ozymandias” was also released in conjunction with similar natual phenomenon. The total eclipse of the moon does not always mean bad, and in this case, Sigmun manage to eclipse the moon shine with their music.

Sigmun Behelit SinglePrepare to get ready to dwell into a nerd land, because the origin of this song comes a long way. The title “Behelit” was explicitly inspired by a term used in Japanese manga called “Berserk”. The comic created by Miura Kentaro imagines a magical object called ‘Crimson Behelit’ that can summon God Hand. This has an underlying essence with Sigmun’s album “Crimson Eyes” or their favorite band King Crimson. A total eclipse signifies that ‘Crimson Behelit’ is active, hence they release it on the day of the phenomenon. The song holds a steady melodious guitar riff, that takes you to Sigmun’s hook of ‘Behelit’. This song contains some sort of magic and magnetic pull that makes you want to listen to it again and again. Recorded in Bandung, the song was written and arranged by Sigmun themselves with the help of Adhit Android as the audio engineer and mixer. The mastering was done by James Plotkin with a very cool single artwork done by Ahmad Rizzali. “Behelit” is available on digital formats and will be released physically by Orange Cliff Records in near future. There will also be vinyls that is produced by Vanilla Thunder Records from Singapore in 2018.