Write The Future Changing Pace Music VideoVenting Rage with Write The Future’s “Changing Pace” Video

Feeling like running away from all your problems? Write The Future might have felt the same way as you do and it is shown on their latest music video for “Changing Pace”.  The video was released on 29 January 2018 marking the first anniversary of their latest album of the same name. The full lenght album was released last year containing 10 tracks in total with this single as the lead track. This becomes the first music video from the pop punk collective based in Malang since they thought this song contain the message from the whole album. The visual from this song sees Write The Future’s members running around, breaking things, looking for things, and seem kind of depressed, angered and need an outlet to vent. The result is somewhat relieving and maybe you should try their ways to cope with anger. The energetic pop punk song could not be more fitting with the overall theme of the music video.

Taking five days to shoot the video, “Changing Pace” was shot and directed by their own frontman, Dandy Gilang. The song itself tells about the restlessness that people feel seeing all the choice they have to take in life. Sometimes it is easier to follow the current, and let the majority decide our fate. Bullshit, they’re pop punk. They could do whatever they want and their music is just one of the medium for expressing themselves. We could relate a lot to this message and hopefully you’ll do too after watching the video and grasping the lyrics. The conclusion they came up with is, no one has the same pattern in life albeit having the same goals. Dandy (Vocal) Risang (gitar), Dimas (gitar), Agung (drum), dan Yoga (bass) are planning to release more materials in the future. Beforehand, let’s watch the video of “Changing Pace” here!