Rayssa Dynta Prolog EP
Prolog EP Artwork
Rayssa Dynta Unleashes Her First EP “Prolog”

“Prolog” which means an introduction chapter becomes the title of Rayssa Dynta‘s EP. The soloist is the latest addition from Jakarta’s record label, Double Deer Records. The 22-year-old girl has always dreamed to be an entertainer since she was a child, by doing some modeling gig at first and involved in a musical duo for a while. Her free-spirited soul and her desire to experience new things prompt her to go solo. She likes to do everything her own way and the door to make her dream comes true is open wide. On December 2017, we have heard her debut “Something About Us” which highlightes her child-like voice and electro-pop approach. Now we are welcomed to Rayssa Dynta’s universe with “Prolog” EP that contains five tracks in total. The melodies are rather simple, with dreamlike electro-pop arrangement which could easily draw your attention to her overall persona. She described this records as media that helped her gets her emotions through when she’s overflowed with things in her head, and her tongue is too overwhelmed to speak about them.

Recently, she also participated on Double Deer Label Showcase which also featured another roster from the label which is Mantra Vutura. They both will become the new faces of the label, which have paved the way for electronic musicians to take the center stage in Indonesia’s music industry. She also became the opening act for Homeshake’s tour in Jakarta which was held on January 19th, 2018. Taking 18 months to finish the whole record, Rayssa Dynta wants the listeners to dwell on her compositions which mostly talk about her journey of self exploration. Nonetheless, she lets the listeners interpret “Prolog” as they wish, with the hope that her music will be able to help you loosen up. “Prolog” EP can be streamed on Spotify, downloaded on iTunes, and be played for as long as you like!

“Prolog” Tracklist

1. Spark
2. Best Tonight
3. Something About Us
4. Hands
5. Be Alone With Me