Dizzyhead Good Ol Days AlbumDizzyhead Revealed Album “Good Ol’ Days” on Cassette Tapes + Top 10 Finalist on Lalala Fest Band Submission

It’s been more than a year since surf pop/indie pop band, Dizzyhead entered the independent music scene. The band who were initially created as the solo project of Hanifa Miryami has finally revealed their album called “Good Ol’ Days” on cassette tapes via Pop Flesh Records. The album contains 9 tracks in total with Bagas Yudhiswa as the composer and producer. It was recorded at Audiolectica Records in Malang, with Hanifa and Alfan Rahadi credited as the songwriters on several songs on this album. Dizzyhead which has spawned their formation into a full fledged band, offer a sweet tunes with a surf tinged flavor a la Californian surf punk bands. They have previously released two singles which are “You”, “Shiver” and produced a music video for the later tunes. Their songs could fit into any summer days for its melodious and sweet composition, yet somehow the lyrics are sometimes sad or depressing even. Unrequited love, memories of the past, and longing for affection become some of the themes you could find in this album. “Good Ol’ Days” are filled with separate topics on each song, but the underlying message is about things in the past that you could reminiscence in order of moving forward.

Dizzyhead Good Ol Days AlbumThe album artwork which is dominated by pink, and pastel palette perfectly captured the image of this album. The album’s sleeve illustration was done by Aditya Satya from Macan Unggulan. In another news, the band has just been announced as one of the top 10 finalist that were chosen through Lalala Fest 2018’s Band Submission. The feat became the cherry on top for this band after releasing their album to the public. Moreover, the digital version of the album will be released sometime this year via Fallyears Records. Dizzyhead who are comprised of Hanifa Miryami (vocal), Oddy Satya (guitar), Lutfi Naufali (guitar), Baron
Wisnumurti (bass) and Zulfan Aripurna (drum) will continue to promote their debut album by playing on several gigs in their city. Stay tuned with the band on their Instagram’s official account and you could purchase the cassette tapes through Pop Flesh Records.

Good Ol’ Days Tracklist

1. Glass Heart
2. Time of Our Life
3. Just Friends
4. Fling
5. You
6. Unrequited
7. Molly
8. Don’t Run Around (In My Head)
9. Shiver