LAFF Festival 2018
LAFF Festival 2018
LAFF Festival Bring More Guest Stars and Movie Reality!

JAKARTA – LAFF Festival organized by Berlian Entertainment and Hype Festival is coming soon on February 10th. On a press conference held today at Atrium CGV Grand Indonesia, it was revealed that the festival will not only bring 9 special shows as announced earlier, but they have added more names to the already incredible line-up. The latest act is included on the festival 3rd phase line-up. As the abbreviation of “Loveable Project with Fabulous Acts”, the festival bring unique concept to the month of love by bringing 11 individual stages tailored to each act in one night! Almost all local performers were present on the press conference and expressed their excitement towards the festival. Divided into three areas with three stages which are LOVE, HOPE and PASSION, LAFF Festival will bring you the experiences of attending the shows of Raisa, Andien, Yura Yunita, D’essentials of The Groove, NEV + Dea & Sophia Latjuba, Thorn & Roses, Barasuara, Anne Marie and The Brand New Heavies. They will bring their individual concept to the stage which makes the music festival different from its kind.

In total, there will be 11 stages presented during this festival, and after 9 artists that have been announced, the latest one to be included is Kahitsna. No, we do not make a typo or error there, as Kahitsna is the female version of Kahitna, the legendary pop band led by Yovie Widianto. The Kahitna Female Version will have Ava Victoria, Radhini, Lala Karmela and Mikha Tambayong as the vocalists of the band. They will take turn singing the hits of the band, which will be thrilling to watch as it has never happened before. Kahitna bring a special meaning to the event, as previously noted, LAFF (formerly known as LOVE FESTIVAL) also hosted the 30th anniversary of the band in 2016. The new direction of the event has female as its front runners, bringing the mostly male dominated bands or acts feature female singers and musicians for a refreshing change. Dino Hamid as the Managing Director of Berlian Entertainment stated that the new format of the event bring challenge for the team. He admitted to take long time to develop the concept, and all was done to ensure the satisfaction from the audience and bring something new to the table.

LAFF Festival 2018
LAFF Festival 2018

Live Movie Reality “Diantara Cinta & Guest List”

Besides Kahitsna, another announcement during the press conference correlates with technology as LAFF Festival will bring a live movie reality. Audience who could not make it to the show could watch the film live during the festival. “The Live Movie Reality called ‘Diantara Cinta & Guest List’ is a movie format that can be watched live during the festival, anyone could watch this movie, this is the first concept in Indonesia and the world. Not an event report but it’s #LiveMovieReality,” explained Dino Hamid. We suggest you to stay tune to the festival’s official social media and website for further information about this gimmick.

New Concept from The Performers of LAFF Festival

There will be surprises that have been prepared by the local performers on LAFF Festival. Yura Yunita will bring RAN, Reza Rahardian and Teza Sumendra on stage to sing with her in a concept called “Yura dan Tuan Tuan”. Meanwhile, LAFF has brought new challenge for Barasuara. The alternative rock band usually bring full band format that easily matched with their rock attitude. This time around, the band will scrap their electronic instruments and bring acoustic sounding instruments instead. Titled “Hening Taifun”, Iga Massardi as the frontman of the band hinted that their music will stealthily ‘kill’ the audience with their dramatic sound. They have prepared violin, percussion, piano and other acoustic instruments with them sitting on bar stools instead of running around the stage. NEV or known as Nidji Electronic Version will have Dea Ananda and Sophia Latjuba to sing Giring’s part. As for this choice, the band said that it was the result of their brainstorming session with Dino from Berlian Entertainment. Besides that, the stage from Thorn & Roses will see the collaboration between Jevin Julian and Random Brothers. They will bring new acts like Neonomora, RamenGvrl, dan Andini on stage.

Unique Music Festival Concept

LAFF Festival with their three areas bear different genres which are pop, groovy jazz, and alternative music. The performances on all three stages will have 15 minutes break each, so if you have prepared your must-watch list well, you will be able to catch all 11 performances on the festival. This event also applies special dresscode for the audience to match with their loving concept. Those who come as couple should wear white attire (Couple In White), while the single women are suggested to wear red (Woman In Red) and the single men should wear black (Man In Black). The early bird tickets to the festival has now sold out but you can still grab the regular ticket starting from IDR850,000 (Festival) up to IDR2,500,000 (VIP). Psst, there will be one more secret guest star that they haven’t spilled out yet. So you better buy the ticket through the website, and enjoy all 11 stages on LAFF Festival.

LAFF Festival Stages

  1. RAISA Handmade Experience.
  2. ANDIEN Metamorfosa 2.0.
  3. Yura dan Tuan Tuan(RAN, Reza Rahadian, Teza Sumendra)
  4. D’Essentials Of Groove (Maliq & D’Essentials & The Groove)
  5. NEV+ Dea & Sophia Latjuba.
  6. Thorn & Roses (Jevin Julian x Random Brothers feat. Neonomora, RamenGvrl, dan Andini)
  7. Hening Taifun oleh Barasuara
  8. Anne Marie
  9. The Brand New Heavies
  10. Kahitsna (Kahitna Female Version) with Ava Victoria, Radhini, Lala Karmela and Mikha Tambayong

Reporter: Susanti Oktavia/Editor: Novita Widia