Olly Oxen Mr. Dunnowattudu Lyrics VideoOlly Oxen Released A Lyrics Video for “Mr. Dunnowattudu”

Semarang’s rock quartet, Olly Oxen, returned with some new work at the end of 2017. They revealed the third single called “Mr. Dunnowattudu” in the form of a lyrics video. If you recall correctly, the song also makes it into the band’s latest EP “Bad Mantra”. Illustrator Gawank Kusumo helped the band to do the illustration for the lyrics video, he is also the drummer of the band who often does the band’s artwork. The song itself talks about the celebration of human’s helplessness throughout the year and on 28 December 2017, the video was uploaded on Youtube. “The video becomes a closing celebration in 2017 that has a lot of story for us,” said Mere, the vocalist of Olly Oxen. As admitted by the band themselves, the lyrics video is something new for the band as they have never done this before. Previously the band have released a lyrics video for “Adult’s Dream is A Violation” and a music video for “Bad Mantra” starring a female lead as the star of the video.

As for this year, the band plan to release all the songs on their mini album in the video format. A rather ambitious project from the band, but not impossible. Since there is only one track left to be revealed, “Self Preaching (When Nobody Else Thinking The Way Up)” will get its own video in early 2018 without an exact release date yet. The lyrics video for “Mr. Dunnowattudu” was assisted by Kukuh Rizky Nugroho who edited the visual. On the previous single, the band comprised of Gemby (guitar), Mere (vocal), Novelino (bass), and Gawang (Drum) talked about media framing in rock and roll tunes. While “Mr. Dunnowattudu” contains a little bit of hip hop influence judging from the beat, albeit rock and roll is still greatly present. Stream their mini album on digital streaming services and watch the newest lyrics video below.