Java Jazz 2018 Must See ActsHere Are The Must See Acts on Java Jazz 2018!

It’s 2018 and another series of Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival will be happening from 2 to 4 March 2018. Taking place at JIExpo, Kemayoran, the festival will see its 14th edition happening with diverse acts. Albeit labeling themselves as a jazz festival, the event is known to attract a wider genres as it also brought musicians from other genres. The 14th edition of Java Jazz festival brings some excitement as they have announced their international and local line-up. Some of them often perform at this annual festival and some others are new names or rising stars of music industry. Here are some of the acts that you must see on Java Jazz 2018 this March!

1. Daniel Caesar

Java Jazz 2018 Must See Acts
Daniel Caesar “Freudian” Tour

The name Daniel Caesar might be unfamiliar for some of you, especially if you are not a loyal follower of R&B genre. But we’ll guarantee that you will hear his name more often this year as his debut album “Freudian” has garnered a lot of praise from both listeners and critics alike. The American musician is scheduled to perform at Java Jazz 2018 on 3 March 2018. It also coincides with his planned world tour to promote his album. On Monday, the soloist announced that he will visit Europa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. His stage will be the epitome of sensual, charismatic, and smooth R&B, so make sure you spare some time to see this singer shines.

2.  LAUV

Java Jazz 2018 Must See Acts
Cr: Just Jared

If you like electronic act like LANY, then you might find yourself liking LAUV. The Californian musician crafts his music with electronic based tunes, combines with jazzy inspired guitars and enchanting voice. His song “I Like Me Better” has gathered more than 300,000,000 streams on Spotify! Yep, you read it right, it’s more than three hundred millions streams as we are writing this article. DJ Dipha Barus has remixed his song “Easy Love” which you can also stream on Spotify. It must be interesting to watch his stage and we also hope that he brings Dipha Barus on stage for a remix rendition!

3. Tashoora

Java Jazz 2018 Must See Acts
Cr: Ngayogjazz

Tashoora is a Yogyakarta’s pop-band that consists of Dita Permatas (vocal, accordion, keyboard), Danu Wardhana (violin), Danang (vocal, acoustic guitar), Sasi (electric guitar), Gusti Arirang (vocal, bass) and Mahesa Santoso (drum). Together they have performed on several stages that includes a stint at Ngayogjazz, Yogyakarta’s biggest jazz festival. Their music is somehow cheerful and can be folk-sounding at times. Their takes on several hits like “December” by Efek Rumah Kaca or “Roman Picisan” by Dewa can be a refreshing change from the original tracks. Psst, we are a huge fan of Sasi with her badass look. Check them out on Soundcloud!

4. ZIO

ZIO See The Sun AlbumZio who is more often known for his role as a bassist at Dialog Dini Hari, has launched his solo career in 2017 by releasing an album “See The Sun”. Being an expert in performing on huge stages with his band, it is interesting to see him perform on his own. His solo music is heavily influenced by blues. He fluently shifts between bass, guitar, or keyboard while performing live further strengthen his venture as a soloist. If you are curious about his solo work, then peek his debut album here.

5. Dira Sugandi

Java Jazz Festival 2017 Report
Dira Sugandhi

Dira Sugandi is the definition of jack of all trades, a combination between beauty in talents. Last year, the jazz singer performed with Sri Hanuraga Trio, but this year the eyes will be on her. We could not wait to watch her performance, jazz improvisation, and of course kick-ass outfit.

6. Kennedy Administration

Java Jazz 2018 Must See Acts
Kennedy Administration
Cr: Son of A Southern Chef

Need a jazz music with heaping amount of soul? Then we’d recommend you to watch Kennedy Administration take the stage of Java Jazz 2018 on 2 March 2018. They are a trio whose songs combine soulful modern jazz with elements of R&B, hip-hop and pop. Nat’s powerful soulful voice will captivates you and Ondre J’s instrumental play will get your eyes and ears glued to their stage.

7. Tomorrow People Ensemble

Java Jazz 2018 Must See Acts
Tomorrow People Ensemble
Cr: Warta Jazz

Can you imagine a group of very talented people in one stage? Then you might witness it through Tomorrow People Ensemble. The group are made up of Nikita Dompas (guitar), Adra Karim (keyboard), Indra Perkasa (contra bass) and Elfa Zulham (drum). These people are incredible musicians on their own, but together, we want some more of that please!

These 7 acts are just the tip of the iceberg of Java Jazz 2018 offers, the festival also presents other performers such as Avery*Sunshine, JP Cooper, New York Voices, Aditya Sofyan, Andien, Glenn Fredly, Yura Yunita, Kunto Aji and many more as you can see the complete list here. You can cop the ticket to this festival through their official website or listed ticket box. There are special show tickets for LAUV and Daniel Caesar, Daily Pass, and 3-Day Pass. You can also get exciting additional promo for purchase with BNI Card. See you on Java Jazz 2018!