Daramuda Rara Sekar Apati SingleDaramuda Releases Rara Sekar’s Ode for Injustice “Apati”

Injustice is happening on daily basis whether in a small scope or wider ones. Rara Sekar, a third of Daramuda Project reflects upon this harsh reality and decided to make a song out of it called “Apati”. The song is a melancholic sounding tune with minimalistic acoustic guitar as its sole instruments. Rara Sekar’s delicate voice glides smoothly throughout the song. The song aims to reflect the lack of responsibility and concern from herself towards those who are struggling against injustice. To write this song, Rara Sekar tried her best to imagine herself in the victims’ shoes. How would she react and how would she feel if she were the one receiving oppression. “Apati” is an ode for everyone who is currently facing injustice in the sake of development, just like what is happening to the farmers at Kendeng, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Their lands are about to be turned into an airport for the sake of re-development of the province, but the price they have to pay is just too much for this. Rara Sekar hopes that justice and kindness will always prevail and be on the oppressed sides.

Just like previous singles from Daramuda project, this single was produced by Deni Ramdani. The music video for “Apati” was directed by Adika Hernandi. It took place at Gledek Lanjeng River, Madura. Rara Sekar can be seen holding a live session on a boat that belongs to local fisherman named Moh. Kholil. Daramuda is a collaboration project from three soloists, which are Sandrayati Fay, Danilla and Rara Sekar. With the release of “Apati” by Rara Sekar, they have revealed three singles so far from the individuals in this project. The songs’ themes from Daramuda vary, starting from nature, self-reflection, as well as social issues. They were all done in a minimalist acoustic guitar arrangement, that further showcase their vocals’ uniqueness and highlights the serene backgrounds from the live session. Watch Rara Sekar sings “Apati” live below and you could peek Sandrayati Fay’s “Suara Dunia” and Danilla’s “Renjana” on Daramuda’s official Youtube channel.