Lady Bird ReviewReview: This Is Why “Lady Bird” Deserves to Win Many Awards

2017 is a pretty magnificent year for films despite the controversy surrounding one of the biggest name in the industry following sexual harassment allegations. We’ve seen amazing directorial debuts starting from Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig. She did an amazing job for a first timer, bringing a coming of age drama with “Lady Bird”. Greta Gerwig has been added into a (sadly short) list of amazing female filmmakers in Hollywood, thanks to this feature that involved Saoirse Ronan‘s stellar performance. “Lady Bird” is an indie film with low budget production by A24 and has been set as the leading contender on Academy Awards race in 2018. So why this movie has become the talk of the town? Does it deserve to get so many achievements? Yes it does. Especially if you have been through the struggle of a complicated teenager life. Here how “Lady Bird” story goes, it tells about a female high school student who is faced with uncertainty and hesitation named Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson (Saoirse Ronan). It teaches you about knowing yourself, valuing your relationship with your parents, and especially finding your own way.

Lady Bird ReviewShe had been dreaming about going to college and being away from home for quite some time. In the middle of it all, her mother suddenly urged her not to be so far away from home. She had to face this confusion as a phase of early adulthood. Calling herself as ‘Lady Bird’, she had a dream of becoming a superstar, an actress, singer, and that is why she wanted to pursue that dream. At the same time, besides her mother, she also had to deal with her surrounding. Greta Gerwig presented a situation in which an environment and even the smallest action could impact a much bigger decision. Christine wanted to be an independent woman who had a boyfriend and a career, but choosing her path of life wasn’t as easy as deciding the outcome. It is a circumstance that we believe, had been experienced by almost all people in the universe. That is why this movie is so relatable in so many aspects of life, and not only during your adolescence day. Even as adults now, we are put in constant uncertainty of future, so this movie is a must watch for sure. It is also interesting Saoirse Ronan grows into an excellent actress bringing a whole American teenage girl persona, although she is an Irish woman. Go watch the movie who has just received two awards for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy and Best Musical/Comedy Movie!

Reviewer: Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia