Yon Koeswoyo of Koes Plus Passed Away
Cr: Metro TV News
Vocalist of Koes Plus, Yon Koeswoyo, Has Reportedly Passed Away

2018 has just begun and it already took a legend away. On Friday, 5 January 2017 it was reported that the vocalist and guitarist of legendary band Koes Plus, Yon Koeswoyo has passed away peacefully. The legend had been sick for quite some time due to an illness found in his lungs. In the meantime he is laid to rest at a funeral home located at Jl. Salak, Pamulang, Tangerang. The passing of the legend was also confirmed by his brother who is also his bandmate at Koes Brothers, Nomo Koeswoyo. Numerous musicians from Indonesia have sent their condolences towards Yon Koeswoyo through social media. One of the example is musician Glenn Fredly who felt saddened upon hearing the sad news. Yon had battled with his illness in the past two years and even got hospitalized for more than a month in 2016.

The frontman of the pop band have recorded more than 50 albums with Koes Brothers and Koes Plus. Starting out their musical career in 1969 as Koes Brothers, the family project gained fame with their hit songs like “Kolam Susu”, “Dara Manisku”, “Why Do You Love Me?” and many more. The band were also known to cover traditional folk songs in a new pop arrangement. They have done Javanese Pop album, Batak Pop album, Melayu Pop, and Keroncong pop. Yon had remained the frontman of the band even after a member change was done, leading the Koes Brothers project re-interpreted and re-branded as Koes Plus. The singer died at 77-year old and left four children behind. May he rest in peace and may his music legacy lives on from generations to generations. Condolences to the family and those who he held deer in his heart. “Kapan-kapan kita berjumpa lagi!”