Circarama Plasticine Jewel AlbumCircarama End 2017 by Releasing Album “Plasticine Jewel”

Psychedelic outfit from Jakarta, Circarama, have revealed their new single “Apple Queen” back in October 2017. On Christmas Day 2017, on 25 December to be exact, the band finally launched their newest album “Plasticine Jewel” on digital format. Jugo Djarot (vocal, guitar), Faiz Mochamad Rais (guitar), Rifaldi Moeli (bass, vocal) and Eki Yuda Sena (drum) have previously released their album on physical format one day prior to the digital release. This was done by opening a pre-order for Plasticine Jewel through Helat Tubruk, the band’s record label. The physical album is packed in a deluxe boxset that comes with a CD of “Plasticine Jewel”, the link for digital download, necklace, totebag, poster, card, and stickers. Once again, the band put forward their signature psychedelic sound filled with sound effects and chant-like vocals.

Circarama Apple Queen Single“Jewel here is a symbol of life and love. Seeing the reality, life and love are not expressed honestly and they can be formed at any time by those people like they are plasticine,” explain the band through a press release The Display received. Their new album is filled with 9 songs with “Apple Queen” released as the first single and it also got an accompanying lyrics video. Created by Dhiwang “Kokoro” Seta, the video tells about a commercial sex worker from the second person’s point of view, in which the male lead becomes the observer of the phenomena. You could watch the lyrics video for their single here, and their album has been uploaded onto a host of digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and many more. Check out the tracklist of “Plasticine Jewel” below and stream the album on your favorite digital platform.

“Plasticine Jewel” Tracklist

1. Hala Hala
2. Trap 1
3. I Don’t Mind
4. Porcelain Sky
5. Sweet Shining
6. Kasuari
7. Apple Queen
8. Yellow Sun
9. Since You Gone