HMGNC Buka Hati Buka Kembali Music VideoHMGNC Reveal New Music Video for “Buka Hati Buka Kembali”

Bandung’s electronic group, HMGNC, have returned to the music scene after launching their fifth studio album on October 2017. As promised, the band are in full throttle to promote their newest album. After a showcase that featured their former member, Risa Saraswati, HMGNC have recently released a visual for their latest single “Buka Hati Buka Kembali”. Back in August, Dina Dellyana, Grahadea Kusuf, and Amandia Syachridar of HMGNC took a short break to UK. Their visit to the Queen’s land was also to examine the mastering process of their latest album at StarDelta Mastering. Without wasting their chance to the country, the band made use of their UK trip for a music video for “Buka Hati Buka Kembali”. You could see the scenes of Britain, not only its urban landscape but also natural scenes in the video. It was shot by Ryanda Tryastama who is also the husband of Amandia. Later on, the video was edited by Katahati Production with Icubelle Panjaitan as the editor and Wanyin Tang as the colorist. The video also shows the band in matching outfit combining the color of sand dust and white in their wardrobe selection.

This is the first music video for their new self-titled album, after previously releasing the lyrics video for the same single. HMGNC also has released two music videos for “Today and Forever” and “Memories That Last A Dream”, which are included in their new album but different than their singles version. Their 10-track album has been released in digital version through Spotify, JOOX, Apple Music and many more as well as its physical records which is released via Demajors Recs. The video is dedicated as a gift towards the ending of 2017. Hopefully, in this year, we got to see a lot more HMGNC. More music videos or exciting collaborations, perhaps. Watch the music video fro HMGNC’s new single below.