Aldin Release Mocca Cover Album Titled "Happy"
Aldin Release Mocca Cover Album Titled “Happy”
Aldin Release Mocca Cover Album Titled “Happy”

What happened if your dad is in a band like Mocca? There’s a huge chance that you’ll get affected in one way and another. Indra Massad’s son, Aldin proves to be a force to reckon with since his sweet voice matches well with Mocca’s songs. On 22 December 2017, Aldin released a special album titled “Happy”. It is filled with cover songs from Mocca’s discography which was written by Arina Epiphania, Riko Prayitno, Ahmad Pratama, and his own dad, Indra Massad. He recorded the song at Aru Studio, Infinite Lab and Fat Studio. Just like the title suggests, the album tells about Aldin’s happiness. One of the happiest moment in his life was when he performed on stage and sang publicly during Mocca Secret Show 5 in 2014. Back then, Aldin sang “Bundle of Joy” with the help of Arina on his side. In 2015, once again he took the stage at Home Mocca concert and bravely showcased his talents to the world. Since then, his performances got many positive feedbacks from Swinging Friends (Mocca’s fans) and so, Aldin released his first ever single “Happy” in 2016.

On December 15th 2017, he released “Bundle of Joy” as a single prior to the album’s release. This album even if it’s sung by a kid, that does meant that adults can not enjoy it. His clear and solid tone of vocals and pronunciation sound great with Mocca’s everlasting tracks. Aldin’s sweet voice is endearing and we believe that if Mocca get old one day, they have a successor on hand. He admitted to be exhausted due to the recording’s tiresome schedule. Just like a normal kid, Aldin who loves to play and watch videos on Youtube has to spare some time to record this album. With the help of amazing coaches like Mocca, finally this album can be released to the public. “Hopefully this album can be enjoyed by a lot of people, and becomes an alternative platform for parents to pick Indonesian children songs and follow Mocca’s lead through this regeneration,” wished Mocca regarding this album. With an album cover inspired by Monster Inc. created by Ryoichi and Safar, “Happy” album by Aldin feat. Mocca can be streamed digitally and purchased on its physical format. Below is the full tracklist of the album and you can also listen the entire discography here.

“Happy” by Aldin feat. Mocca Tracklist :

  1. Sunday Afternoon
  2. Happy!
  3. Bundle Of Joy
  4. Hanya Satu
  5. Buddy Zeus
  6. Do What You Wanna Do
  7. Friend