Puti Chitara Cholil Mahmud Gelembung Kaca SingleStirring Collaboration from Puti Chitara with Cholil Mahmud on “Gelembung Kaca”

After releasing her sophomore album “Goodnight” this year, soloist and pianist from Jakarta, Puti Chitara doesn’t stop with just that. The singer who is currently expecting her firstborn child, is releasing a surprise single with the one and only Cholil Mahmud of Efek Rumah Kaca. The single titled “Gelembung Kaca” was released with an accompanying lyrics video. Puti rarely or even never, uses Bahasa Indonesia on her solo effort, but this time with the help of lyricist Olivia Kristina Sinaga, the song came to life at last and the combination of both voices blend well together. It is the opposite of her involvement in Barasuara which mostly use Indonesian lyrics for their songs. Although using Indonesian lyrics for the first time, she still keeps her gloomy and dark sounding tune intact. Written and composed by herself, the idea of writing an Indonesian based song popped up back in September 2017. “The idea to work on materials in Bahasa came in September 2017. Writing lyrics in Bahasa is very hard for me, that is why I decided to collaborate with Olivia Kristina Sinaga, a close friend of mine, who is also a poet to write the lyrics of this song,” said Puti.

Puti Chitara Cholil Mahmud Gelembung Kaca Single“Gelembung Kaca” got even more special with the involvement of Cholil Mahmud that lends his voice in this song. It has been a dream of Puti Chitara to collaborate with her idol, that is Cholil Mahmud. The strong character of Cholil’s vocal makes this song stir a strong emotion for those who listen. The artwork for “Gelembung Kaca” was created by the winner of Go Ahead Challenge competition that was held in Yogyakarta in conjunction with Puti’s concert there. Other musicians who lent their talents in this work are Billy Aryo on cello and Marco Steffiano on drum. The take for Puti’s vocals and piano were done at SAE Institute Jakarta. The lyrics video which shows a moving train with the song reminds us of a Studio Ghibli’s theme song. Watch the lyrics video created by Rio Alhasymi below. The single is also available on digital streaming services.