Rumah Opa Lunch Menu
Kepiting Soka Asam Manis
Refueling Energy with Lunch at Rumah Opa Kitchen & Lounge

Rumah Opa Kitchen & Lounge in Malang have just introduced their latest lunch menu that include an array of dishes from vegetable-based dishes to seafood based cuisine. Ranging from IDR18,000 to IDR47,000, these lunch menus use various source of protein with Asian and Western style of cooking. On the chicken menu, you can get Nasi Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken with rice) in which the chicken is marinated in Indonesian spices and then grilled into perfection. The sweet and tender flesh of chicken, is completed with warm rice and sambal as a side dish. The vegetables selection includes Nasi Kailan Bawang Putih (sauteed kailan in garlic with rice), Nasi Kailan Sapi (sauteed kailan with beef and rice) and Nasi Buncis Telur Asin (salted egg green bean with rice). On the seafood department, you can choose Kepiting Soka Telur Asin (salted egg soft-shelled crab), Nasi Udang Asam Manis (sweet and sour prawn with rice), Nasi Udang Lada Hitam (blackpepper prawn with rice), and Nasi Udang Saus Tiram (oyster sauce prawn with rice). Nasi Jamur Cabe Garam (spicy and salty fried mushroom with rice) and Nasi Jamur Telur Asin (salted egg mushroom with rice) could be an alternative option on the menu. Last but not least, there is Nasi Buntut Bakar (grilled oxtail with rice) that features tenderly cooked oxtail.

Rumah Opa Lunch Menu
Nasi Buntut Bakar

For those who live in Malang, or happen to be around the city, grab the new menu of the bistro located at Jl. Welirang No.41 A. The meals are an excellent pair to a tall glass of beer, or any non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. Find the best choice according to your taste and protein preference. The introduction of new rice menu from Rumah Opa is hoped to attract wider variety of guests who are looking for delectable lunch menu in affordable price.

Photo & Reporter: Hanif Ardhika/Editor: Novita Widia


Location: Jl. Welirang No. 41 A

Food Price Range (Lunch Menu) : IDR 18K – 47K

Services: WiFi, Outdoor/Indoor Area, All Smoking Area

Reservation: 0341 365165 / 081317193381

Instagram: @rumahopa