Payung Teduh Di Atas Meja Lyrics VideoPayung Teduh Reveal Enchanting Lyrics Video for “Di Atas Meja”

After the shocking news of Is’ departure from the group, Payung Teduh are still releasing their third “Ruang Tunggu” album as promised on 19 December 2017. In conjunction with the official album release, they have revealed the lyrics video for second single “Di Atas Meja”. The new number sees the band go back to their roots of using metaphorical lyrics and less radio friendly melodies unlike what we witness through their hit “Akad”. The mellow and melancholic atmosphere of the song was created by Is with the concern about the small amount of time he spent with his spouse and family. Being on the road for most of the time, he admitted to rarely spent a quality time with his wife. Upon the dining table, is where he and his wife usually pour out their feelings and share thoughts from time to time. Sadly, with Payung Teduh’s busier schedule means that this tradition was no longer applied by Is’ family. Hence, he wrote this song in March 2016 due to this desperation and longing and recorded the song in April 2016.

“We create the sadness, happiness, joy and sorrow ourselves. However it is beyond our control. Don’t be afraid and keep the spirit alive. We have to be stronger than what we’re facing, because God has blessed us with hearts that are bigger than the world, bigger than anything, as long as we can be patient,” said Is through a press release. The lyrics video for this song uses an animation portraying the relationship between a man and a woman, in which is going through an obstacle. The album has been sold on its physical format through Jagonya Musik Indonesia starting from 19 December 2017. You can purchase it through the nearest KFC outlet. Before finally saying goodbye to Is, watch the lyrics video for “Di Atas Meja” below.