Bedchamber Out of Line SingleCertified Bop: Bedchamber with New Single “Out of Line”

Need that single to kick your morning routine? Then Bedchamber is here to save you from the hassle of picking a tune on your morning playlist. The indie pop slash dream pop band have released their latest single called “Out of Line” on December 14th, 2017. The new advance was made possible after the band did not put out any new materials after their last 2015 release. “Out of Line” is taken from their forthcoming debut album “Geography” which is planned to be revealed next year in February. Ratta Bill (vocal/guitar), Abi Chalabi (guitar), Smita Kirana (bass), and Ariel Kaspar (drum, vocal) found a hard time to compose their debut album after transitioning from their college days to their 9-to-5 routine. Admitting that the struggle is real, their music also changes simultaneously with their activities. On this first single, Bedchamber found themselves in a faster paced tune, easier hooks and melodies completed with simple lyrics to make a lasting and memorable impact upon first listen. It works in our opinion, since now we got our get-up-and-go tune thanks to their hectic lives. “Me and my friend’s current states truly encourage the creation of “Out of Line”. The work pressure to give our best in a limited time, also suits the way an introduction single is supposed to work,” said Ratta Bill.

Bedchamber Out of Line SingleIf you listen closely, there’s a layer of female voice in this song and it does not belong to Smita Kirana. The voice belongs to Rega Ayunda Putri, an artist and ex-vocalist of group AGGI. Abi the writer of the vocals melodies thought that her voice is the most suitable for this song compared to other candidates. “Out of Line” still holds a strong “Perennial” vibe, but they insist that the whole album will contain a more exploratory sound than their old ones. Taking three years in the making, the band admit to have gone through many changes that required them to split their attention into many things at the same times. Ariel said that the essence of their upcoming album is newness and they do not expect the difference in their music, so it’s time to take an adventure for both the band and the listeners. Bedchamber have released “Perennial” EP (2014) and “Portside” (2015), a split album with Cotswolds. Listen to “Out of Line” and sing along to it (the lyrics are super easy to follow) below via Kolibri Records.